Bernard Neal
Bernard Neal

A Message From The Principal

Bernard Neal
Bernard Neal

Principals Address

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The middle of the year provides a good chance for us all to take stock of how well our plans and aspirations for the year are going. For your sons and daughters at Galen, their mid-year reports will give a clear indication of whether or not their studies and goals are on track. I urge you to look closely at the reports and discuss them in detail with your children. Use the information to help them plan for the remainder of the year by establishing clear goals and understanding of what they want to achieve before the end of school year.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the students well for the holiday period and hope that they return in two weeks refreshed and full of energy!

2012 Year 7 interviews
At the time of writing this report we have almost finished the process of interviewing the 190+ applicants for a position in Year 7 at Galen next year. Every child has been, or will be, interviewed in company with at least one parent as part of the selection process. We will be sending out letters of offer at the start of next term. Many thanks to Deputy Principals, Geoff Welch, Paul Maher and Darren Hovey, Year 7 Co-ordinator, Lauren Lee, and Junior School Director, Pat Arcuri, for their assistance as interviewers in this valuable process.

Due to a major infiltration of the company which provides Galen’s website, our site has been down for nearly two weeks. The infiltration has caused the same damage to hundreds, if not thousands, of websites as well as our own. In the interim, our IT department has mounted a skeleton website which has only the very basics of our information. This crash has been particularly disappointing in light of the huge amount of time and planning, not to mention money, that went into the development of what was our new website last year.

We hope to have a fully functioning website back in place very shortly.

Staff news
Congratulations to Erika Surdy who has given birth to a bouncing baby boy. Mim Murray has commenced her maternity leave with good news expected shortly. Meanwhile, Pat Arcuri and Claudia Bellani have left for Italy where they will celebrate their wedding with friends and family over the holidays. Marisa Cudini will be taking leave next term to travel through Italy and we look forward to hearing about her adventures upon her return. The end of this week will also see Sue Gibson commencing an extended period of leave. She will return at the start of second term next year and after many years of service, is looking forward to the break.

On a sad note, our condolences go to staff member, John Conkoly, whose father passed away recently.

Parents Association AGM
The next meeting of the Parents Association will be the AGM which will be held in the staff room at the College at 7.00pm on Tuesday, July 26. All parents are invited to attend. Several of the current office bearers are in their final year of office so we are in need of parents who are willing to step up into these vacancies and help to keep the PA alive and vibrant.

Bernard Neal,