From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As part of its regular cyclical whole school review each Catholic school in the Sandhurst Diocese follows a routine of externally validated reviews of key areas of school operations. This is an integral part of each school’s ongoing registration process.

Galen had a full school review in 2009, then a “fallow” year in 2010 when no areas were reviewed. This year we have had a review of Catholic Identity, clearly a central consideration in the very nature and purpose of a Catholic school. We have completed a self-review by a panel consisting of Paul Maher (DP-Catholic Identity), Bernard Neal (Principal), Jim Samon (Heritage Co-ordinator), Kate Howard (Social Justice Co-ordinator), Joan Ellis (Assistant to the DP-Catholic Identity).

The validation panel consisting of Audrey Brown (Senior Education Consultant – Secondary from the Catholic Education Office), Maria Weatherill (Religious Education Consultant from the CEO), Alannah Doherty (Director of Religious Education at Catholic College Bendigo) and David Leslie (Principal, FCJ College Benalla) attended Galen on Monday this week to interview the review panel as well as a range of students and other staff.

There were many examples in the panel’s initial verbal report affirming the social justice, liturgies, pastoral care, vision, values and mission of the college, all important aspects of our Catholic Identity. Recommendations included being more explicit in our connecting social justice, learning, and our general school practices to basic gospel values and our mission statement.

The validation panel will provide a detailed written report some time during the next month.

I wish to thank the members of this review panel for their outstanding work in piecing together such a thorough and professional self-review and for the excellent presentation made to the validation panel. Thanks also to the students and staff interviewed by the validation panel.

Once again, we find ourselves Proud to Be Galen!

Year 10 Information Night

This year we have used a streamlined format for our Information Nights under the leadership of Darren Hovey, Deputy Principal –Teaching & Learning. The feedback from parents on this revised format has been very positive.

The most recent Information Night was held last week for students going into Year 10 in 2012. It was well attended by parents and students. There was a follow-up session at school for students later in the same week.

Staffing news

We welcome back from long service leave Mr Brian Carr and Mrs Leanne Carr. Mrs Sylvia Worboys, who replaced Mr Carr while he was on leave, has left us temporarily but will be back for part of fourth term to replace Mrs Bethne Hulme when she takes some long service leave.

Forthcoming student events

Good luck to the Year 10 students as they prepare for the Year 10 Formal to be held next Tuesday evening. We are all looking forward to an exciting and vibrant occasion!

Good luck also to those attending the annual Italian Camp in the last week of term.

Similarly to those attending the Senior Band Tour to Canberra next week.

Interim reports, Parent Teacher Interviews, End of Term

Interim reports for mid-semester are almost completed and will be distributed next week. Followed by parent-teacher interviews on the evening of Thursday 22 September and the morning of Friday 23 September.

We will be using a different format from the past at the end of this term for booking parent/teacher interviews. Parents will need to book interviews online or by contacting the college. More information on this change in format can be found on page 3 of this newsletter.

Please note that the last of classes for this term is Thursday 22 September.


Bernard Neal