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Junior Science Quiz Update

QUIZ 25: True or False… The Dust Bowl is a volcano in the USA?
False. The Dust Bowl in America is not a volcano. The Dust Bowl was caused by the introduction of new farming techniques, over farming to produce food for the war and a serious drought in the 1930’s. The top soil was removed and heavily deposited across the land, during major dust storms. Many people lost their farms, animals, machinery and lives.
Congratulations to Lucy Sturgess of 7/3 for winning Quiz 25. This is the second time Lucy has won the quiz!

QUIZ 26: What is the name of the world’s deepest lake? Where is it?
Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia – maximum depth is 1637 m and average depth – 730 m.
Congratulations to Luke Ashcroft 8/5 for winning quiz 26. Great work to 7/1 who had the most entrants.