IT Workshop for Parents

Tools for controlling Internet use at home for our Year 9’s and 10’s

This session will start with a short presentation from a guest speaker with reflections and advice on the issues surrounding the use of the Internet and games at home. The session will then move onto demonstrations of the following tools:
• Free software called Self Control  • A hardware solution called a NetGear Router
• The Telstra Filter Account  • Commercial software called Nortons Family Online
• Apple’s parental controls  • Physical solutions eg: timers

A Year 7 and 8 workshop will be held early next term.

You can’t be watching all the time, but you can play a consistent and supportive role in
your kids’ lives, online. Let them grow and learn on their own while being able to provide guidance when necessary. (Nortons online family)
So join us in the senior library 6.00pm to 7.00pm Monday 10th September. Enroll online at The code required is: AZZ2A