Upper Hume Intermediate & Senior Volleyball

Galen got the job of convening the volleyball this year, and it was great to see so many students willing to help out and ensure the day ran smoothly. Thanks to Mai Thwaites and Lauren Torpey who ran around all day making sure everyone was where they needed to be. Another huge thanks to Tomarsh Loki and Blake Nixon who were master referees on the day and jumped in when other teams did not bring refs. Galen had a mixed bag of a day, with two of the three teams winning and going on to Hume level next term.

Intermediate Girls: The Intermediate Girls were keen to get the day started, but only had two games for the whole day. Lily Hales was named captain, and her and Bridie Nixon kept the talk going all day. They came up against WHS in their first game, Ellie Laffy’s thumping serve getting them off to an easy start, and Ella Henry’s movement around the court set them off on the right track. They won the first game, and confidence was gained from this. After a long break and plenty of helping out around the Barr. Next up was Wodonga Senior SC, who were intimidating, but Shani Rickard did not let them get in her head and held onto her strong serve. Chloe Storer used her height to get the ball over the net whilst Madison O’Keefe and Emma Lee moved expertly around the court.

Intermediate Boys: The boys team came out on top overall, winning each of their games in straight sets. They began the day well against a strong WHS, and it was nice to get away with a win over their rivals; Cooper Elliot’s serving was on point and Alessandro Belci had plenty of talk keeping the boys on their game. After a long break, the boys took on Victory, and with strong service games from Tom Young and Ethan Whiley, they were set up for an easy lead. They ran away with the win, giving them overconfidence straight up in their next game against and undermanned WMYC Huon, where they were put through their paces in the first set, until some excellent sets and plays by Mitch Holt, Aidon Simonetti and Lewis Sharrock allowed them to pull away. After a short break where the supported the Senior Girls to a win in their final game, they played their final game against WMYC Felltimber, who lacked the experience of some of our boys; Josh Smart and Callum Spencer may have been distracted, but Galen got the job done.

Senior Girls: The girls walked in cold and this showed in their first game against WHS, they pushed them to three sets, with Biance Mulqueen covering the backcourt and often setting up for Alysha Ismale at the front. They were getting used to working with each other, and this game was a good way for them to see what happens when they didn’t work together. They won the next game against Victory in straight sets with Taylah Reidy’s tough serve and Gemma Enever’s skill at the net play integral parts in this win. The talk was much better with Tayla Russo encouraging and pulling everyone together. Their final game against Wodonga Senior SC was won comfortably. Chloe Elliott may have been stealing everyone else’s shots, but she was smashing her returns at the opponent, and Ellenor McKenzie kept the ball in play with a couple of trick shots of her own. We won the day by 2%, so the girls get to go on to Albury next term also.