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Year 10 Melbourne Careers Trip

Year 10s had a great time away at their recent Melbourne Trip. With a focus on future career and study options, students were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit some of the following locations:

  • Urban Seed – ‘The city is our home’ Walk, Aquarium – Marine Biology
  • Street Art Tours
  • University of Melb Guided Campus tour
  • RMIT Trades tour
  • RMIT Architecture presentation
  • SAE: workshops for Film, Animation & Games
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
  • ACU: Exercise Science Lab visit
  • National Academy of Early Childhood
  • JMC Film
  • Defence Force
  • Melb Sports Hub – Tour & Swim
  • Navitas Health Skills Australia: Nursing
  • ACU: Business Studies & Law
  • Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Beauty Therapy (National Academy of Beauty)
  • Queens College Melb Uni Tour
  • Mental Health at The Florey Institute

Murray River Culinary Challenge in Swan Hill

Recently Galen’s two finalist, Sumiri Kamiyama and Sara Corker competed in the Murray River Culinary Challenge in Swan Hill. The other schools competing were Rochester Secondary College, Notre Dame College, St Mary MacKillop and Catholic College Wodonga. Sara and Sumiri prepared a 3 course meal under strict time conditions. Their meals were judged by 5 industry experts. Notre Dame Shepparton were successful on the day. Well done to Sara and Sumiri.

Italian Day

This year, Galen celebrated the Italian Day on August, 17th. All students of Italian engaged in different activities during the entire school day. Year 7 students loved the Commedia dell’Arte play “Fooling in love” performed by Rosa Campagnaro and her company. Students of year 8 Italian participated in a workshop about “Carnevale”. They explored this ancient and unique Italian feast guided by Musa International and its selection of clips and songs from all around Italy. Students of Years 9 and 10 participated in the workshop “La Dolce Vita” and they learnt more about Italian lifestyle, dialects and traditions. Last, but not least, all students enjoyed a typical Italian lunch (Bolognese and pizza), prepared by Ms Bellani and all the Italian exchange students.

Senior Concert Band visits Ballarat

Thirty Senior Band students began their annual tour by setting up to perform a concert in Southbank – Melbourne. Unfortunately, after two songs, the Melbourne weather had a bit to say and our first challenge was working out how to dry many of our instruments. Once dry (sort of) we headed to Ballarat High School to enjoy a wonderful workshop/performance with the Ballarat High School Senior Band. It was great to see the students of both bands being able to share their music together before enjoying Pizzas and a great social chat comparing both schools and musical experiences.

Next day we visited St Francis Xavier Primary School in their amazing multi-purpose facility to perform a fabulous concert. One of the highlights being their spirited singing of “What Shall We Do with A Happy Sailor”. Much fun was had at Sovereign Hill and later that night we visited the performance “Blood on the Southern Cross”.

On the way home we stopped at Docklands for some ice skating before heading back up the Hume.

Huge thanks to Helen Faithfull who prepared and cooked our meals and to Beth Code and Chloe Hancock who gave up their time to accompany us. Every member of the Galen community would be so proud with the way these students represented our school.

David Ashfield
Director of Music

Dirrawarra Proud and Deadly Awards

Congratulations to Kelsey Woods (Year 12) who was a successful recipient of three Dirrawarra Proud and Deadly Awards last Thursday. Kelsey received a Charles Sturt University scholarship as the first person in her family with plans to commence higher education at university. She also received a Deadly Achievement Award and a Corragar Strength Award. In addition to this, Galen received a Certificate of Appreciation, which was presented to Deputy Principal Staff and Students, Pat Arcuri. Kelsey is a very deserving recipient of these awards and was also very proud of her achievement.

“I really appreciate the recognition and I feel like it’s really important that it’s recognized when students make the effort to pursue higher education. Often it’s just expected that students will go to uni, but it takes determination and drive to actually get there.”

2018 Galen Catholic College Uniform

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are writing to advise you of the changes to the Galen Catholic College uniform, for commencement from the beginning of the 2018 school year.

The Galen Catholic College Uniform Committee was set up last year by the Galen School Board to review the current school uniform and make recommendations to the Board on how to improve it. The committee is made up of parents, school leaders and uniform shop representatives. The committee has met on a number of occasions over the past 9 months and has developed a proposed school uniform which:

  • Reduces the current variations making it easier for students to wear and for the school to enforce
  • Is modern and comfortable
  • Is distinctive from other schools in Wangaratta
  • Is suitably professional to prepare students for the expectation of dress codes which apply in the workforce and broader community
  • Positively reflects Galen in the broader community

You may recall that an email was sent to all parents on 7th August outlining the proposed changes and recommendations. The Uniform Committee, a sub-committee of the Galen School Board, collated the feedback and used these to reach their recommendations. The Galen Board voted to support the recommendations on 31st August. The new Galen uniform is compulsory for all Year 7 students commencing at Galen in 2018 and the remainder of the students will have until 2020. Please find below the endorsed uniform selections for 2018:


Boys Summer Uniform:

  • Plain sky blue shirt and blue shorts;


Boys Winter uniform:

  • Long sleeved plain sky blue shirt and blue pants;
  • Existing Champagnat striped tie
  • A maroon blazer must also be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3. 


Girls Summer Uniform:

  • Plain sky blue shirt and blue shorts, or existing summer dress.  


Girls Winter Uniform:

  • Plain sky blue shirt and blue trousers or plain sky blue shirt and existing tartan skirt.
  • Existing Champagnat striped tie
  • A maroon blazer must also be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3.


Boys and Girls Sport Uniform

  • White sport shirt is to be replaced with the current blue polo shirt and girl’s leggings will no longer be available or acceptable. Maroon sport shorts and pants will remain the same.


School Bag

  • An optional Galen school bag will be available for purchase.


The Galen uniform may only be purchased from the Galen Uniform Shop. Shop hours are:

Tuesdays 10.00am – 6.00pm

Thursdays 1.00pm – 5.00pm


Stock of the new uniform will be available from late December 2017 and the Uniform Shop will be open extended hours in January 2018.

Download the uniform price list here.

It is the expectation of Galen Catholic College that parents and students who agree to enrol also accept the uniform, and that the uniform will be worn without variation.


Yours sincerely,

Genevieve O’Reilly                                                                                                         
Acting Principal     

 Patrick Arcuri
Deputy Principal – Staff & Student Wellbeing

Future Earth in the grasp of Galen STEM students

Written by Zara Wicks – Year 10 Media Journalism

The STEM Expo held at Galen Catholic College on Wednesday 16th August gave a warm welcome to Secondary School students with interests in Science, Robotics and the Environment. Students who attended the stimulating STEM event were given the opportunity to learn about how technology is used now, and how it might be used in the future.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), provides students with a diverse way to experience various types of topics through multiple hands-on activities. This year’s STEM Expo focus shined a light on Future Earth. It provided many explanations about how through the improvement of knowledge, we can create change in our environment.

A key organizer of the STEM Expo was Ms Maree Timms, a science and maths teacher at Galen Catholic College.

“I realised that there weren’t too many students taking STEM subjects in Year 11 & 12,” said Ms Timms. After coming to this conclusion she decided to make a change and involve Galen in a STEM Expo last year.

The 2016 STEM Expo, which focused on Drones, Droids and Robots received lots of positive feedback. It was then decided that another STEM Expo would be held again this year, although with the focus of Future Earth.

“There are so many different ways to get into STEM,” Ms Timms explained. “Students don’t have to go to university, they can just have an interest,” she continued.

When asked what the most influential aspect of the STEM Expo is, Ms Timms said that the network created throughout the community will help “provide much more opportunities for Galen students, but also other students in the region.”

The broad range of exhibitors that held displays at the exciting event, created a positive way for students to ask questions about STEM.

“It enables us to explore into our interests more, and open up our future opportunities,” Tristan Roleff, a Year 10 student at Galen said about STEM and Robotics.

“We get to work with technology, get to build things for ourselves, and compete with other people” Kyle Fry, another year 10 Galen student, mentioned when asked why he finds STEM interesting and engaging.

The STEM Expo provided students with the opportunity to further look into their interests and possible career options in the future. The event created a positive atmosphere around learning about the future of our planet and how we will play a part in it though STEM.

Founders’ Day 2017

Founders’ Day was a day of reflection and healing. The day began with a ceremony featuring Galen’s FIRE Carriers and students from St Bernard’s Primary School. The ceremony had an indigenous theme of healing, which was perfectly fitting in light of recent events that have touched the Galen community. Dr Teahna Hamm welcomed everyone to country and our FIRE Carriers lead us in a directional prayer.

The ceremony included a litany of acknowledgement addressing our solidarity as a community including, students, clergy, teachers and staff to commit to working with the findings of the Royal Commission to ensure a positive future for our young people and those entrusted to our care.

Our guest speaker Vicki Clark a Mutthi Mutthi woman shared with us her spiritual connection to the land and country. Vicki spoke of the importance of walking in the footsteps of her people and understanding indigenous history and culture. This was followed by a traditional smoking ceremony which was carried out by Shane Charles. A smoking ceremony is an ancient custom among indigenous Australian’s which is believed to ward off bad spirits and have cleansing properties.

Congratulation to all the staff and students that were inducted as FIRE Carriers at this ceremony.

Revised plans for Founders’ Day 2017

In light of the sudden death of Year 9 student Ben Northey, we’ve changed our plans for Founders’ Day 2017. The Year 12 REconnect day will still go ahead as planned from periods 3 through to 5. The rest of the school will participate in a Founders’ Day ceremony during Periods 1 & 2. This will have an indigenous theme and there will also be a healing ceremony during this gathering. All Galen students are requested to attend as its important that we come together as a Catholic community.

For the remainder of the day students will attend timetabled classes as per a normal school day.

The carnival stalls and activities that were originally planned will take place later this term. This date will be confirmed soon.

Thank you,

Deb Doyle
Acting Deputy Principal – Catholic Identity

In memory of Ben Northey

Dear Galen Community,

It is with great sadness that our Galen Catholic Community mourns the death of Year 9 student, Ben Northey, who passed away on Wednesday evening (16/8/2017).

Galen is a tight knit community and the loss of a student is felt deeply by all. Our hearts go out to the family and they are in the thoughts and prayers of the entire community at this very sad time.

We ask you to pray for Ben’s friends and family, especially his brother Jack in Year 12, Jack’s twin sister Alice, older sister Sarah, and cousins attending Galen, Georgina Northey (Year 10), Gus Northey (Year 9), Zac Northey (Year 11), Isobel Northey (past Galen student), Callum Northey (grade 6 student) and friends. We also ask that you take good care of each other as we come to terms with this tragic loss in our community.

All Galen students were informed of Ben’s passing on Thursday morning in homeroom and students in Year 9 and Year 12 also attended a Prayer Liturgy.

Our Chapel and Wellbeing rooms are available to all our students to access as well as Wellbeing staff if they feel the need to speak to someone.

We ask that you keep the whole Galen community and in particular Ben’s family in your prayers at this time.

May Ben rest in peace.

Kind regards,

Pat Arcuri
Acting Principal