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Discovery – Year 9

The engagement of Year 9 students in meaningful curriculum activities is an ever increasing need in secondary education.

More and more school communities across Catholic, Government and Independent sectors are endeavouring to develop programs which will engage Year 9 students and prepare them for the type of independent and self directed learning required to successfully complete secondary school and lead on to work or further study.

By using an integrated approach the Discovery program aims to help students to make connections between specific subject areas, their own learning and real life issues, in addition to developing their academic and personal skills.

The Discovery Program provides a number of out of school learning opportunities and teaches in themes or units which are relevant to the students’ stage of development and interests.

Sustainability and personal development are major themes running throughout the Discovery program.

The units of work covered in Discovery include:

  • Sacred Mountains
  • Identity and Relationships
  • The Real Game
  • Energise don’t Super-size Me
  • Farming
  • My Place
  • Bigfoot