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Information Technology

ICT at Galen

Information and Communication technology at Galen deals with how individuals and organisations use, and can be affected by, information and communications technology (ICT) in their daily lives. Throughout their schooling our students acquire and apply a range of knowledge and skills to manipulate different data types such as numeric, text, sound and images (still and moving) to create solutions that can be used to persuade, educate, inform and entertain. Students also explore how their lives are affected by ICT, and consider strategies for managing how ICT is applied. In senior studies the students examine how networked information systems allow data to be exchanged locally and within a global environment, and explore how mobile devices, such as phones, are used within these networks.


Software tools

Students study the following software tools in this unit:

Year 7 (included in Integrated Studies)
Year 8 One semester core subject
Year 9 Electives such as Multimedia and Robotics
Year 10 Currently VET Cert III
Year 11 VCE Unit 1/2 IT
Year 12 VCE Unit 3/4 Applications or VCE Software Development

Galen laptop program

The Galen Catholic College 1-to-1 laptop program aims to provide the opportunity for students to have a laptop computer for their schooling. The aim of the program is to give our students the opportunity to learn using a laptop that they will have access to at school and at home.

There are a number of requirements for participation, including that students and parents participate in an induction program before laptops are issued. When all requirements are met, students take their laptop home after completing their induction workshop. As part of the program, Computer Use Agreement’s are required to be signed by students and parents/caregivers in relation to the use of the computers at school and at home.

When a laptop is taken home it is considered to be on loan from the school to the student for either a short or long term period.