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Wellbeing at Galen

There may be times when you and your family have an issue that is impacting on your schooling which needs sensitive and confidential attention. It might be a health, family or personal problem. Either way, at Galen College we have Wellbeing Counsellors who can provide professional support to you. This can be an alternative to the Homeroom teacher or Year Level Coordinator (who would generally be the people you first approach about school concerns).

Patrick Arcuri, Lisa Power, Luke Ahrens, Matthew Taylor and Kate Meehan.

Galen’s approachable Wellbeing Team includes:
• Patrick Arcuri (Deputy Principal – Students and Staff)
• Kate Meehan (Counsellor – full time)
• Lisa Power (School Counsellor/Provisional Psychologist – 3 days per week)
• Luke Ahrens (Psychologist – 5 days per fortnight)
• Matthew Taylor (Psychologist – 1 day per week)
• Therese Rodway (Counsellor – currently on leave)

Exploring the issue with one of us might help you to find the right solution to your situation. We can confidentially chat in the privacy of our wellbeing room (near the main office area). We can support you and your family in a variety of ways including making an appointment with other community services that specialise in your particular area of concern. Please remember, we welcome you and your family to our school. We care about you and there is always someone here at Galen to provide you with wellbeing support.

You can contact Wellbeing by Phone: 5721 6322
or Email: wellbeing@galen.vic.edu.au

How the Student Wellbeing service operates at Galen College
1. Establish reason for referral and build rapport
2. Students/families have the limits of confidentiality explained
3. Key players or clients are established
4. Develop effective strategies/solutions with student/client
5. Monitor and effect changes as required
6. Terminate or set for review further involvement


Useful Links

Wellbeing information for students

Wellbeing information for parents, guardians and carers

• Community Health & Wellbeing Services

Community Opportunities


Our Confidentiality Agreement
All information discussed with Wellbeing Staff is kept confidential and private.
However, there are some occasions when Wellbeing Staff will inform others of a student’s situation if:
• You are at risk or hurting yourself
• You are at risk of someone hurting you
• You are at risk of hurting someone else
Contact could be made with a parent or legal guardian; trusted adult, child protection, Doctor/Hospital or health service, if the need arises.