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Words From Wellbeing

Where do you draw the line?

When it comes to relationships, sometimes there’s a fine line between what’s ok and what’s not. What crosses the line for one person might be perfectly ok for another. And while sometimes the line is crystal clear, other times it’s a bit blurred. It all comes down to respect. Respect for others, and understanding of what crossing the line means to them. And respect for yourself, so you can be clear about where you draw the line.  For more information about relationships and links to great resources and people you can talk to visit this website: http://www.theline.gov.au/



Mental health is the single largest health issue facing young Australians. Headspace provides services tailored to young people aged 12 to 25, taking into account the different challenges they may face such as: depression; body image issues; problematic drug and alcohol use, family or relationship problems and difficulties at school or at work. Visit www.headspace.org.au today.


ABCD Parent Support Program

Supporting parents parenting, engaging different strategies and looking at transition.

Where:  Wangaratta High Country Library, 21 Docker St. Wangaratta.

When: August 19th, 26th, Sept 2nd, & 9th (Friday’s)

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Cost:        $25.00.  RSVP by August 17th

Facilitator: Diane Hourigan

Phone Ovens and King CHS for bookings on 57232000.


Women, Family, Violence and Financial Security

Seeking: Brave Women who Want to be in Control of their Finances

Tools for Change is a unique financial mentoring program. We have trained women volunteers across Wangaratta and Shepparton to support you in your journey to financial confidence over 12 months.

Women exiting domestic violence often have limited financial skills because of the extreme level of control displayed by their partners. Pre-existing skills, resources and self-belief are often eroded through years of abuse and put-downs.

Tools for Change gives women the opportunity to meet regularly with another woman, who is compassionate, a good listener, who is trained in basic financial management. Tools for Change is not a counselling service. The mentor’s role is to support and guide you in the financial aspects of your and your family’s life. To find out more contact Sandi King or Karen O’Connor at Women’s Health Goulburn North East on 0357223009 or whealth@whealth.com.au. Enquires are treated with confidence and respect.

Therese Rodway