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Words From Wellbeing

As has been mentioned before in wellbeing words, social media has become a much used resource for young people in the way they communicate, socialise and express themselves. The follow clip will allow you to immerse yourself in the reality of this media and its impact on young people. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=GTWqZc1B144

As this area moves at such as fast pace, as a community we are all grappling with the explicit teaching and moral development for our young people. Cheryl Taylor (Library) and Therese Rodway recently attended a workshop about Generationsafe ikeep safe, an interactive whole school and community framework to the Internet world: http://generationsafe.ikeepsafe.org/

This framework, starting with an evaluation of our systems and policies, will incorporate the already good things happening by the IT reference committee, IT Team, Library and Resources team. Plus developing processes and systems in the school. Stay tuned for more developments here!

The following resources will be useful for parents for putting parameters in place at home, having the conversation about computer usage and conversations together about the reality for families these days with technology: http:// www.commonsensemedia.org/

Have a browse of the resources and continue to have the conversation with your children. The online world is everybody’s business!
For more information please contact the IT team or Wellbeing team on 5721 6322.

Therese Rodway