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Junior Science Quiz Update

If you have ever sat back and thought about how a motorbike runs, you would know that it takes a bit of science to work (e.g. Physics – combustion).

A Honda CTX200 Bushlander Motorbike has a 197cc motor. What does this mean?

A 197cc motor means the motorbike has the capacity to hold 197 cubic centimetres of a fuel/air mixture in its cylinders at full expansion. The cylinders are where combustion occurs. The process of combustion in a motorbike is important as this gets the motorbike going ready for you to ride.

Generally speaking, the greater the cc of a motorbike the greater the power and carrying capacity it has.

Congratulations to Zachary Sullivan of 7/2 for winning this week’s Science Quiz!

Once again, 7/4 had the highest number of student entries. I am very proud of you 7/4, keep up the great work! It is a fantastic achievement. I have had one person answer every Science Quiz correctly to date.

Great work Ms Timms!

Carla Murphy, Junior Science Lab Technician