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Junior School News

Its great to be back in the Junior School! A big thank you to Mr. Geoff Welch for covering me while I was away. Thanks must also be given to all year 7 and 8 Homeroom teachers as well as Miss Lauren Lee and Miss Jess Clarke for assisting student and staff concerns.

The Year 7 Overnight Camp to Melbourne has been organised for the following dates: CAMP 1 will be on the 27th – 28th October for 7/2, 7/3, 7/5 and 7/7 CAMP 2 will be on the 3rd – 4th November for 7/1, 7/4, 7/6 and 7/8

New activities included this year are a tour of Etihad Stadium and a Scienceworks Planetarium show. More information will be given to both students and parents closer to the date.

2012 Year 7 enrolment offers have been sent to 200 students. This is the largest Galen intake ever. The Yr 8 Information session for 2012 will take place with all current Year 7 students on Wednesday 31st August during extended homeroom and period 1. Year 7 students will receive the Yr 8 Brochure and subject selection sheets. There is no information evening.

The Year 7 retreat days at 15mile creek were a huge success – these days were designed for each homeroom to develop team bonding skills. The retreat days took place from the 27th July to 5th August.

Year 8 Tree planting is currently underway. At the start of the year all Year 8 students were responsible for seed propagation. They are now planting those seedlings in the Upper Lurg area close to Glenrowan and Winton. The following Year 8 homerooms will be away on their scheduled tree planting day.

8/4 – Monday 15th August, 8/6 – Tuesday 16th August, 8/3 – Wednesday 24th August, 8/5 – Friday 26th August, 8/1 – Tuesday 30th August, 8/2 – Tuesday 6th September.

Recently the Junior school had its infamous Inter-homeroom READERS CUP. Mrs. Annette Fletcher along with Mrs. Rachel Froude organised both the Year 7 and Year 8 Readers Cup during extended homeroom. A big thank you to both of them for all of the hard work and organization they put into planning this rewarding activity. Thank you must also go to Mr. Bernard Neal, Mr. Laurie Burt and Miss Vicky Bennett for acting as judges for the Readers Cup. Congratulations to both 7/7 and 8/6 for winning the READERS CUP in their year level.

We currently have the Year 7 Inter-homeroom Basketball competition in place at lunchtime. At this stage it is a very close competition.

Congratulations must go to year 8 student Tomarsh Loki for his selection in the Victorian Road Cycling team. Tomarsh will be representing Victoria at the National Road Cycling competition to be held on the 5th September. We wish Tomarsh all the very best!

Patrick Arcuri, Junior School Director