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Junior Science Quiz Update

Quiz 19: Glaucoma affects what part of the human body?

Glaucoma affects the eye. The optic nerve at the back of the eye is slowly destroyed, which affects your vision.

To learn more about Glaucoma, please visit http://www.glaucoma.org.au/what.htm

Congratulations to Lucy Tharratt and Jessica Spence, both of 7.4 for winning this week’s quiz. Both Lucy and Jessica sent through their answers at the same time. Congratulations ladies!

Great work 7.4, you had the most entrants this week!

Quiz 20: Humans have five senses. True or False?

False. In addition to the five traditional senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste), humans also have a range of other senses, including thermoception (our ability to sense heat), equilibrioception (our sense of balance) and nociception (our ability to sense pain).

It was a tough question this week, with only a few people getting it correct. Congratulations to Zanthea Zwager of 7/3 for winning the quiz, an outstanding effort!

The highest number of entrants came from 7/4 this week. Top job!

 By Carla Murphy, Junior Science Lab Technician