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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The end of another busy term is upon us. As with most things in life, this will mean different things for different students and their families. For most it will mean a break from the demands and routine of daily school and provide a bit of respite.

For those students in Year 12 it heralds their final term holidays from school. With only three weeks of classes remaining for not only this year but also for  their entire school careers, they have reached the really pointy end of secondary education. In two months time they will be former Galen Collegians with their final SACs, assignments, work placements and exams behind them.

For these students the term holidays represent the start of their final assault to ensure that they enter the next phase of their young lives having done their best and been their best and achieved their best. The best advice I heard for Year 12 students as they enter the final holidays is to treat each day as if it were a school day. Get up at the normal time, work to the normal hours – i.e. start studying no later than 9.00am and go through to 3.30 with the normal break for morning tea and lunch. The late afternoon and evening is then yours to do with as you please: rest, recreate, get some exercise, or even do more study if you are up to it.

Parent teacher student interviews

On Thursday evening and Friday morning we have our parent-teacher-student interviews. By now, everyone will be aware that we have moved to a booking system for the interviews. Bookings can be made online or by making contact with the college. Please ensure that you have made a booking for any teacher you wish to see.

Good luck

The College Band is on tour to Canberra this week under the direction and supervision of our Music Director, Mr David Ashfield.

Our Year 9 students and a number of staff conclude the Year 9 bushwalk program this week

Many of our Italian students will be participating in the annual Italian Camp along with students of Italian from quite a number of other schools in our region

October 31

After very careful consideration, the Leadership Team has decided that Monday October 31 – the day before Melbourne Cup Day – will be a pupil free day. There will be no classes on this day. This will enable staff to prepare for the change in our end of year program with the implementation of the two week Headstart Program which will see all Years 7 – 11  students at school until Friday December 9. Melbourne Cup Day will be a public holiday and there will be no school on that day, Tuesday, November 1.


Bernard Neal