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Words from Wellbeing

I hope everyone has come back from holidays feeling rested and refreshed. You may come across a new face over the next 8 weeks. Amy Crimmin is completing a student placement here at Galen until the end of the term. Amy is currently studying through the combined associate degree program between GoTAFE and Deakin University. Through GoTAFE she is completing a Diploma of Community Services and through Deakin University beginning a Bachelor of Health Sciences. Amy will be with Therese over in the Wellbeing office and will learn all about Galen’s Wellbeing and Pastoral care services.
Amy will also be spending some time at the GPC and observing classroom teachers in the areas of Health and Human Development, Psychology, Biology and Home Economics. She will also be learning about promotion, prevention and program implementation. Amy says she is quite happy to answer any questions that anyone might have about GoTAFE or Deakin University, or her selected courses. Amy aims to complete a teaching degree and work in the education sector. Please do your best to make her feel welcome.

In a couple of weeks a representative will be coming to Galen to give information about Interchanges respite program. Interchange is looking for volunteers to provide respite to carers who care for children/young adolescents with disabilities. There are recreational programs and host programs. It is great opportunity if you are interested in the disabilities sector, or if you just want to give back to the community. If you are interested continue to check the daily news bulletin, as the time and day will be specified at a later date.

Would you like $500 to help pay for your child’s education?
• Do you have a Health Care Card?
• Do you have some regular household income?
• Are you 18 or over?
• Are you willing to attend 4 informal workshops?
If you answered yes to these four questions then you could be eligible for the Saver Plus Program. Berry Street is now offering additional places in Wangaratta. Participation in Saver Plus can earn you matched savings of up to $500 to be spent on items like: Uniforms; Computers; School Camps; School Books etc.
To find out more about this exciting program, phone Peter Grey at Berry Street, on 0457 849 112 or e-mail on pgrey@berrystreet.org.au
For any other wellbeing concerns speak with your child’s homeroom teacher or contact a member of Wellbeing on 5721 6322.

Therese Rodway