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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,
“Called to Action” has been a theme for Galen this year, first spoken about at the Welcome Mass at the start of the year, then again at the Founders Day liturgy. A group of Galen students, along with teachers Mr Paul Walker and Ms Kate Howard, are currently putting that theme into practice with their immersion Mission Experience trip to the Aboriginal settlement at Santa Teresa in the Northern Territory. The week-long immersion will be a life-changing experience for those students involved as they live, study and recreate with the local students and their families in circumstances that are very different from those of their home lives.
The group returns from Santa Teresa at the end of this week. They will report back to the school community over the weeks ahead.
Year 12 final weeks
Our thoughts at this time of the year also turn towards the Year 12 students whose final weeks of formal schooling are rapidly coming to an end. By the time you read this newsletter, the Year 12s will have less than one week of classes left.
For those Year 12s undertaking the VCE, the final examinations are now within sight: it is a time when chickens come home to roost. Those who have prepared well and given their best efforts to their study throughout the whole year are likely to achieve at or close to their potential: for those who have put in less than their best, the gap between their potential and what they achieve will become apparent. The good news is that there is still time to narrow that gap.
It is important that those preparing for the exams make good use of the study-vacation period, aka “swatvac”, between the final classes and the start of the exams. Staff will be available throughout the exam weeks to assist the students with the final, last-minute preparations.
For the Year 12 students undertaking VCAL, the end of their secondary schooling will come quicker as there are no exams. However, it is just as important that the final weeks are spent making sure that all course requirements are completed to the best of their ability.
On Tuesday, October 25, the whole school will gather to farewell the Year 12 class of 2011. On behalf of the Galen community, I wish them all well for the future, whatever may lie ahead.
Arts / Technology Exhibition
This year, the Arts and Technology staff are mounting an exhibition of student work from all year levels. This exhibition is a great reflection of the talent and creativity of so many Galen students that has been nurtured and encouraged in their classes. Congratulations to all students whose work has been exhibited, whether through the performing arts, the visual arts, multi-media and design technology.
October 31 – pupil-free day
Please remember that Monday October 31, the day before the Melbourne Cup holiday, is a pupil-free teacher preparation day. There will be no classes on either Monday October 31 or Tuesday November 1.