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Picture: Final Assembly for Class of 2011
Picture: Final Assembly for Class of 2011

Farewell to the Class of 2011

On Tuesday 25th October all staff and students gathered in the stadium as the Year 12 class of 2011 were presented at their final assembly. A large number of parents and family members attended the celebration and it would have to be said that it was a most joyous occasion.
The students were all excited and filled with enthusiasm as they walked down the centre aisle to receive their congratulations from our Principal, Mr. Bernard Neal and the Year 12 Co-ordinator, Ms Carly Bilke. The assembly was led by Mr. Paul Carson and our new student leaders for 2012 in Mary Paino and Nathan Whinray. Each student received a gift from the school as a momento of their time at Galen Catholic College and the gift box became symbolic throughout the prayer as we reminded the students that they too are a gift and as they go out into the world they should share their gifts and talents with others.
An excerpt from Bernard Neal’s address:
“After 13 years of formal schooling, we come to the day of farewell for the class of 2011. These young people are before us today with only their final exams between them and possibly the biggest milestone in their lives so far: the completion of life at school…
…Today, we celebrate and give thanks for these wonderful students and for the contributions they have made to Galen in their years here. Today, no doubt, they will remember the funny times, the serious times, the difficult times and the times of great celebration. We give thanks and praise for all this and we pray for these young men and women as they embark on a new and exciting stage of their lives….
…As they leave us today, we wish them well on their live journeys, which, in the short term, encompass the forthcoming exams – and we wish them all the best for those exams. In the longer term, we wish them well in creating a meaningful and fulfilling adult life. We trust that the Christian values they have learned at Galen serve them well. Congratulations, to the class of 2011!”

Picture: Final Assembly for Class of 2011