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Words From Wellbeing

Enhancing Education and Local Solutions for families
Are you from an Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander background and have children aged from 0 -18 years? Ovens and King Wangaratta introduce the Parental and Community Engagement Program (PaCe). PaCe works alongside students and families (in partnership) to develop and enhance educational outcomes by creating local solutions for families. Some activities include tutors, IT support, physical education sessions, and how to help with homework. For more information about a local solution, please call Sakina Babia on 03 5723 2000 or drop in to the 1st Floor for 90-100 Ovens Street. Wangaratta.
A Money Mentor Program to help you with your finances.
Are you a woman who has left a domestic violence situation? Would you like to feel less stressed about money? We can match you with a caring, non-judgemental woman who can support you with managing your finances. A Tools for Change mentor can help by meeting with you to: Share budgeting ideas; explore ways to reduce daily costs; look at ways to reduce credit card debt; help you build financial confidence; or just simply listen. For further information, please contact Women’s Health Goulburn North East on 0357223009.
For any other wellbeing concerns speak with your child’s homeroom teacher or contact a member of wellbeing on 5721 6322.