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Middle School News

Monday, February 6th saw the arrival and commencement of the Year 9 and 10, Middle School students.
As is always the case on the first day of the year there are a wide range of expectations and reactions from both students and teachers. Its always great to get back and catch up with friends and colleagues but we also need to prepare for another year of working to our potential and making the most of what Galen College has to offer.
A special welcome to new students in Years 9 and 10. We have introduced a buddy system to support the new students as they begin this next stage of their education at Galen. In upcoming newsletters we intend to supply a photo and a few words of introduction to all of the new enrolments in Years 9 and 10.
A welcome is also extended to the Year 9 and 10 Homeroom Teachers and Year Level Coordinators who are as listed below:
Year 9: Wendy Chuck, Kate Howard, Greg Matulich, Jacqui Pengelly, Christine Duff, Tegan McKeown and James Bourke (Coordinator).
Year 10: Olga Byrne, Shannon Murphy, Alicia Howard, Betty Holdsworth, James Heath, Rob Parsons, Gretta Norden, Paul Benedetti and Liz Morrow (Coordinator).    
Day one was very busy. Lots of organisation, information and getting back into the routine of school. One of the initiatives at Galen this term will be in the form of ‘focus weeks’ where we encourage and promote student adherence to different school policies and processes. Uniform, punctuality, litter control are examples of the sort of issues that may become the topic of a focus week. The first of these focus weeks will take place shortly.
Finally I would like to encourage all students to take advantage of the huge number of opportunities that are offered at Galen. Whether it be academic, sporting, leadership, theatre, music or social justice there is a huge array of opportunities of  which students can take advantage and ensure that their time in the Middle School in 2012 is both rewarding and memorable.

Keith Willett, Middle School Director