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Middle School News

As is usually the case at the beginning of the year the first week has been a very busy time for students and staff. Thanks are extended to 9.2 and Mrs Wendy Chuck for conducting the first Middle School assembly in such a smooth and engaging manner. The theme chosen for this assembly was that of ‘Opportunity’. During their presentation the 9.2 students highlighted the vast areas of opportunity for all students at Galen. This theme of opportunity will be further explored in the next newsletter.   
Administrative/Management Items:
Uniform has generally been excellent with the exception being students not wearing their hats when they are in the sun. This is something that requires attention and with a cooperative attitude from students and support from home it is hoped that we can achieve a much higher degree of compliance with the sunsmart policy. Key elements of this policy are outlined below:
    When in the sun students must wear the designated school uniform hat during lunchtime and recess during terms 1 and 4.  (Students sitting in shaded areas do not have to wear their hat but must have the uniform hat in their possession.)
‘Catch Up’ classes have been introduced on a weekly basis in the Middle School. These classes are supervised and will be conducted each Friday providing students with the opportunity to catch up on study or homework or in some case allowing students to spend some reflective time in relation to how they can improve their performance at school.

Keith Willett, Middle School Director