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Do you enjoy Math and Science subjects at school? Have you considered pursuing a career in these areas? Math, Science and Engineering shapes our day to day life.
Who produces your breakfast? Farmers, food scientists, technologists,  nutritionists.
Who takes you to school? Design & development engineers, petrochemical engineers, automotive engineers, automotive electricians, environmental scientists, mechanics, materials scientists.
Who built your school? Architects, surveyors, structural engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters
Who assists your learning? Teachers, journalists, film producers, software designers, publishers, writers
Who helps you exercise? Exercise scientists, physiotherapists, sports psychologists
Who keeps you healthy? Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, biomedical scientists
Who contributes to your spare time? Computer game developers, music technologists, product designers, sound and lighting technicians
Math, Science & Engineering Degrees…
Mathematics: If you are a logical and analytical person who enjoys solving problems with numbers, you may like a career in Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Studies.
Employment for Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians to 2014 – 2015 is expected to grow very strongly.  Go to the following websites to find out more-
Engineering: If you are practical, like to know how things work and enjoy analyzing and solving problems, you should explore careers in Engineering.
You can blend engineering with an area you are passionate about. Types of engineering include (and are not limited to): civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, systems, biomedical, environmental, marine, coastal, mechanical, robotics, computer, mechatronic, aeronautical, automotive, mining, sound, metallurgical, structural- the list goes on!
About 16 800 new engineering jobs will be created over the next 5 years, with about 8800 of these in Civil Engineering. Electrical and Mining Engineers will also be in demand with the creation of new jobs.
Check out the following sites:

Science: There are several broad disciplines in Science. The following are examples-
Physical science is for people who like to ask questions about why things are the way they are in the world around us. School subjects include Chemistry and Physics.
Computer science is for people who like to understand how computers work and to learn how develop new programs and systems.
Life sciences is for people who like to ask questions and think about living things and covers areas such as medicine, biology and ecology.
Astrophysics is for people who are fascinated with the universe, stars and space exploration.
Earth science is for people who are interested in soil, rocks, weather and the natural environment.
About 12 800 new jobs for science professionals will be created over the next 5 years, with about 4200 of these in Environmental Science. Demand for Medical Laboratory Scientists and Chemists, Food and Wine Science professionals will also be high.
For more information about science careers, browse through the following links-?www.science.uts.edu.au/careers/index.html
www.careersinscience.gov.au/ ?For an excellent website which will give you information on Math and Science careers across the globe, go to www.futuremorph.org

New Deakin Learning Hub in Dandenong: The hub provides the opportunity for students to undertake the Bachelor of Health sciences through ‘community-based learning’, which links the classroom experience with input from relevant community groups and local industry. For more information, go to www.deakin.edu.au/hmnbs/hsd/dandenong/
Have you considered Surveying? If you enjoy subjects like Math, Science, IT and VISCOM, enjoy being outdoors, would like to travel nationally and globally and earn good money, this is a great career to explore. If you would like to find out what surveyors do, where you can study, watch videos and read career profiles, go to www.alifewithoutlimits.com.au

Considered pursuing a career as a Veterinarian? The University of Melbourne are hosting their annual Veterinary Science Open Day on Sunday 25 March at their Faculty of Veterinary Science, Werribee Campus. The day provides prospective students and their families the opportunity to learn about pathways into the Doctor of Veterinary Science program. Location- University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital, 250 Princess Hwy, Werribee, Vic. Register your attendance at www.vet.unimelb.edu.au/openday/index.html

Meet Melbourne University, Geelong and Sale (21), Warragul (22), Bendigo (28), Ballarat (29). Register at www.futurestudents.unimelb.edu.au/meetmelbourne
MyDay CSU Events, Teaching and Education, Wagga Wagga (6); Environmental Science, Albury-Wodonga (13); Arts, Psychology & Social Work, Wagga Wagga (13); Business, IT & Computing, Wagga Wagga (20), Judy Walsh, infoevents@csu.edu.au
At Monash Seminar Series, 10 course areas will be showcased in March at Monash University. Go to www.monash.edu.au/study/options/schools/at-monash.html to find out dates and locations.
6: Contract Law Seminar, University of Melbourne, go.unimelb.edu.au/9vb
9: Defence Technical Scholarship Applications Close
25: Veterinary Science Open Day, University of Melbourne, Werribee, www.vet.unimelb.edu.au/openday