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Digital literacy: How confusing is it to stay informed?
Trying to keep up with our kids, in their fast paced online life, requires active parental engagement. There are so many ways to access the internet. (mobile phones, video game consoles & computers etc)  & just as many reasons WHY our kids (& we) access the internet. You’re not alone if you feel that some of our kids grasp of technology is leaving us behind.
We hope this regular section will provided relevant information & guidance to ensure a balanced digital life for everyone in your household. Don’t forget to share this information with our students, grandparents & friends.

Some basic tips that may be useful:
Embrace their world –media & technology isn’t going away. It is only going to evolve.
Encourage a balanced use – A rule of thumb could be: equal time spent between technology & other activities (sports, face to face with family & friends, chores etc)
Monitor media use (as best you can) – encourage the use of technology in open areas. Ask questions about what they’re doing (keep the communication open). Make bedtime technology free. Remove devices from the bedroom. Put the devices on charge in another area of the house.
Discuss which sites are acceptable to visit & what can be downloaded – As kids get older they will look to their friends to find what’s cool. Start the conversations & set guidelines with your kids about appropriate age & use of sites BEFORE they have been using them for months.

We encourage all within our school community to share any cyber knowledge, tips & suggestions with us.
You may have that piece of advice that could make a positive difference in another family’s life.
Email us on cybersafety@galen.vic.edu.au