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Middle School News

Caritas in the Middle School
In the last newsletter we highlighted the efforts of the Middle School to raise money for CARITAS. The idea of a personal pledge (whereby students and staff are invited to reflect upon their lives and make a pledge to make an active effort to assist others less fortunate) is a cornerstone of the CARITAS tradition and makes a real link with the season of Lent on the Religious Calendar. It would be great if parents could have a discussion with their children about Lent, Project Compassion and about the CARITAS Organisation. If every student and staff member donated even $2.00 we would raise nearly $800.00 alone from this idea.
As part of the Caritas fundraising 9.4 will be having a cup cake, muffin and biscuit stall on March 28, so people can build up to the Caritas Ks and recover from the Athletics day…Please bring some money and support this venture.

Lockers and Laptops
There continues to be an issue with students, particularly in Year 10, not locking their lockers. Unfortunately there has been a couple of issues lately in respect to students having their personal possessions meddled with by others.  In particular we have had some real problems with students not securing their laptops. As of next week, any unsecured laptop will be confiscated and will only be returned to the student when their security is organised, meaning all students having locks on lockers and locking away their laptop during recess, lunch or any other time when their laptop is not being used or supervised. Please get a lock on your locker and use it!!

Aerosol Cans
I have already made a number of requests for students not to use aerosol deodorant cans at school as they cause some students to have allergic reactions. Students are welcome to use ‘roll on’ deodorant sticks but please leave the aerosol at home!

Keith Willett, Middle School Director