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Middle School News

Friday February 1st has marked the first day of classes for students in Year 9 and 10. In a general sense on an administrative front all things seem to be running smoothly.

Some things to note:
Welcome to our new students who have commenced at Galen for the first time in 2013. In Year 9 we welcome Kate Wilson, Alexander Critchley, Austin Ross, Laura-Lee Jose and Christina Shanley. In Year 10 we welcome Jack Wilson and Ben Kubala.
We also welcome our Homeroom Teachers for 2013, in particular those staff who are teaching at Galen for the first time.
9.1 Wendy Chuck, 9.2 Beth Code/Paul Walker, 9.3 Jody Heath, 9.4 Laurie Burt, 9.5 Jacqui Pengelly, 9.6 Ashlee Burke, 9.7 Tegan McKeown, 10.1 James Heath, 10.2 Paul Benedettii, 10.3 Brian Carr, 10.4 Shannon Murphy, 10.5 Elizabeth Holligan/Bernadette O’Connor, 10.6 Kelly Smith.

As we settle into the first few days of classes I encourage students and parents to check timetables, classlists, uniforms etc, so that we can be up and running as smoothly as possible within the first week.

Parents who have any queries in respect to any issue at school are welcome to contact me at school anytime on the school phone number or via e-mail.

Keith Willett – Middle School Director