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I write this article with the intention of informing parents and students in Year 9 of a number of changes to the Year 9 Camps and Outdoor Education Program.

For the past 20 years all Year 9 students at Galen have participated in a number of Outdoor Education activities including:
An overnight bushwalk, a downhill ski day, an adventure camp that includes abseiling, caving, rockclimbing, canoeing and an environmental walk.

For many years this program was always viewed by Galen staff and students as being very successful, however, in recent years due to the costs of some of the different activities and the difficulties with coping with larger numbers of students we have decided to make some changes to the Year 9 camps program. These changes have only been implemented after considerable thought and discussion amongst those staff responsible for the Year 9 Camps Program.
In 2013 all Year 9 students will be expected to participate in the following activities:
• Overnight Bushwalk – This (two day, overnight) bushwalk will take place on the Discovery side of Year 9 and will be conducted in the Warby Ranges.
• Adventure Camp – This is a three day camp conducted at Mount Buffalo where students camp at Lake Catani in a ‘base camp’ format. During this camp students will participate in abseiling, caving, rockclimbing, canoeing and an environmental walk. Students will attend this camp on the mainstream side of Year 9.
• Domain Based Immersion Activities. These will be an addition to the Year 9 program and will require students to attend and participate in activities and excursions directly connected to different domains of study. These activities will be one day activities conducted during school hours. An example of a Domain Based Immersion Activity could be a field trip related to the topic of early European settlement and students would attend an activity based day at Echuca exploring the pioneer settlement.
For the first time in many years at Galen we will not be conducting the downhill ski trip. In recent times this activity has been hugely problematic to organize with the result that we have had postponements, cancellations and a growing awareness that offering a downhill ski day to every student in Year 9 is not reasonably possible.
Consequently we have made a decision to replace the ski day with the Domain Based Immersion Activities mentioned earlier in this article.

The proposed dates for each of the Year 9 camps for 2013 are as follows:
Semester 1
• Adventure Camp: 9.5, 9.6 and 9.7 April 29th to May 3rd.
• Bushwalks:
    • 9/3 March Monday 4th &Tuesday 5th
    • 9/4 March Thursday 7th & Friday 8th
    • 9/1 March Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th
    • 9/2 March Thursday 14th & Friday 15th
Domain Based Immersion Activities: (Dates and content to be confirmed) There will be one Domain Based Immersion Activity on either side of Year 9 (Discovery and Mainstream) which means two DBIA’s per year for each student to replace the downhill ski day.

Semester 2
• Adventure Camp: 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4. Nov 11th to Nov15th.
• Bushwalk dates to be finalised.

Students and parents are invited to respond to this information by contacting Keith Willett at school via e-mail or phone.