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Galen’s Year 7 Open Afternoon

Year7OpenAfternoon2With over 250 parents booked for Galen Catholic College’s Year 7 Open Afternoon last Wednesday 17th February, the occasion proved to be a great success. In collaboration with Galen Parents’ Association, student leaders and parent helpers took care of the barbeque, while teachers were available to meet and greet families in a relaxed setting outside the Galen Resource Centre. Library staff were also available, providing parents with on-on-one support to show them how to navigate the Parent Access Module (PAM). Parents enjoyed the balmy afternoon, having the opportunity to meet teachers, other parents and leadership staff.

Mr Pat Arcuri (Deputy Principal – Staff & Students) would like to thank the Parents’ Association for catering costs, student leaders for helping out, staff who attended, and the many parents for showing a great interest in their child’s education.