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Adam’s big win in Millionaire Hot Seat

Eyes were fixed on TV sets last Monday 1st August as Galen’s own Adam Burt won himself a sweet $100,000 from TV quiz show Millionaire Hot Seat.

TVscreengrab1Filmed back in April this year, Mr Burt has had a tough time keeping quiet about his success. “I was able to tell my girlfriend, mum, dad and my brother, but it has been a really long wait, and a bit nerve-wracking too.”

Even getting in the seat required patience, as Mr Burt attended the show’s second-ever audition in 2009. “It’s the example of the old application form getting stuck down the back of a filing cabinet,” he said.

Knowing a bit about Buffy and American presidents helped Adam come away with $100,000.

Mr Burt is arguably Galen’s most popular teacher at the moment, and the question on everyone’s lips is, ‘so what will you do with the money?’ Mr Burt, said he and girlfriend Stacey looked forward to an overseas trip with his winnings, a bit on the house and “some will get invested wisely”.

Congratulations Adam!