9/10 Football

On Wednesday 20th of July the Galen 9 & 10 football side competed in VSSSA Hume Region competition at the Bar Reserve Wangaratta.

Galen played in 3 games, each consisting of two fifteen minutes halves. The competition was fierce with most teams demonstrating a real commitment and enthusiasm for their teammates. In the first game Notre Dame College kicked the first two goals and Galen just weren’t able to make up the difference. In the next two games the Galen team dominated. Both Tallangatta and Euroa suffered their biggest loss for the day to Galen. However Galen’s defeat in the first game meant Notre Dame College was the overall winner. What was most pleasing on the day was the manner in which the Galen students conducted themselves both on and off the field, trying their best and showing great sportsmanship.

Game 1: Galen vs Notre Dame

Final Score: Galen 3.3 20 Lost to Notre Dame 5.3 33. Goal Kickers: Josh Bonacci 2, Jackson Clarke. Best players: Cody Schutt, Matt Hedin, Isaac Willett, Dylan Wilson, Adam Evans.

Game 2: Galen Vs Tallangatta

Final Score: Galen 8.3 51 beat Tallangatta 2.0 12. Goal Kickers: Josh Bonacci 3, Harrison Berenger, Jake Murphy, Dylan Wilson, Will Carlile, Pat Eefting. Best Players: Dylan Wilson, Hayden Johnston, Will Carlile, Josh Bonacci, Adam Evans, Harrison Payne.

Game 3: Galen vs Euroa

Final Score: 8.4 52 beat Euroa 2.0 12. Goal Kickers: Josh Bonacci 2, Harrison Payne 2, Dylan Wilson 2, Will Carlile, Mitch Horwood. Best Players: Adam Evans, Pat Eefting, Cody Schutt, Dylan Wilson, Isacc Willett, Harrison Berenger.

Special thanks to Mr Fulford for organising the day, to Michael Clark for coaching and to all the students who assisted on the day.