A Medieval Day for Year 8s at Galen

Gary Bannister (History Up Close teacher) gave Callum Spencer and Thomas Metcalfe an engaging insight into Medieval armor and weapons used in battles.


On Wednesday 9th June, Year 8 students at Galen travelled back in time to experience what life in Medieval times would have been like with the assistance of education group, History Up Close. Students participated in activities including arms and armor, took part in swordplay and experienced mini battles behind wooden shields. While dressing up in period costume, students had mini immersions with medieval lifestyle choices including medieval employment and servitude. Students also took part in medieval music, dance and games.

Through hands-on learning, Year 8 student Zachary Peters felt that it gave him a better understanding of the middle ages, “It helped us picture the lifestyle and time of place that these people would have lived in, the clothes they wore and music they listened to.

Likewise, student Alexander McQuade also added, “It was funny to see what the medieval people did to entertain themselves and especially the tavern games we got to try out. It was shocking to find out how poorly lower class people were treated and how much they worked to survive and provide for their family.