A special VEX promo… Featuring Galen!

Earlier this year, the Galen VEX team were getting ready for the final leg of their long flight across to the VEX Worlds, Dallas to Louisville. The team noticed a man taking his seat wearing a VEX cap. Excited chit chat followed, we were getting closer to our destination, and the VEX Values popped into our minds! VEX is also about networking, collaboration and friendship. The seatbelt signs went off, Rutvik went up and introduced himself – this was the start of a unique friendship, between Galen VEX and the VEX Robotics Media/film team of Keith, Keith and Mackenzie.

They loved that we were interested in their film equipment, they let Lachlan “play” with their equipment, they interviewed us and documented our journey at VEX Worlds! 1600 teams and due to one conversation, a chance meeting … this is the result!

Behind the scenes…