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“Galen offers immense opportunities for our students to succeed, and we provide an extraordinary level of pastoral care to foster their learning and growth as individuals. The focus on social justice that Galen fosters makes our school a special place. The gospel values are our ideals.”

Bernard Neal – Principal


College Emblem


Central Emblem 
Galen Catholic College marked with the cross – the sign of a Christian, a follower of Jesus.

Faith & Integrity
A loving and trusting relationship shared with God and with each other.
Living according to our beliefs.

A symbol of peace and the enduring love and care of God.
A reminder that it is God who is both our creator, our Father and our
redeemer and that our lives are freely given into his care.

 College Ethos

Galen seeks to educate the whole person. We believe that Christ is the foundation of the whole educational enterprise in a catholic school.

Galen aims to:
• Create a strong sense of Christian community, fostering faith and personal development
• Cater for all students’ needs
• Take account of demands of parents, tertiary bodies and employers in a changing society
• Guide students to the development of personal responsibility and self discipline
• Develop individual talents and education for leisure
• Offer an educational program to extend each individual student
• Encourage a life-long approach to education.

The college is strongly committed to the ideals of a Catholic education. Galen especially prides itself on the level of care and concern given to each student, including those with special needs. We endeavour to turn out young men and women who are well-equipped to cope with the demands of today’s rapidly changing technological society and who have a sound value system on which to base their future lives.

Galen Prayer

With Faith and Integrity 
we serve in our community
and respect each other’s dignity.
We honour all creation
reaching out to those in need.
We work and play,
our gifts and talents shining.
We follow in Jesus’ footsteps
sharing our faith with those we encounter

Identity and Vision Statements

Identity Statement
Galen Catholic College is a nurturing community, where Faith and Integrity are at the core of our aspirations

Vision Statements
Galen Catholic College strives to:

  • Create a faith-centred and hope-filled community inspired by the teachings of Jesus.
  • Provide quality education that challenges, supports and empowers students to explore and reach for their full potential.
  • Foster an inclusive and safe environment.
  • Build authentic partnerships between school, parents and carers and the wider community.

Graduate Outcomes:

At Galen Catholic College, we are all called by Christ to be people of courage, faith and integrity. 

We expect our graduates to:

  1. Be living witnesses of our Catholic story;
  2. Be self-aware, confident and compassionate;
  3. Take an active and positive place in the world;
  4. Have an enduring curiosity and love of learning;
  5. Know that we are stewards of our world.

Galen Catholic College has a rich tradition of engaging the whole person in developing his or her own unique gifts and talents. In my role as Principal, I have experienced a professional and caring staff interacting with students in a myriad of activities, both in and out of the classroom. In short, I have come to appreciate Galen as a very good school where exciting things happen for all.

The students of Galen are encouraged to develop their unique personalities while at the same time nurtured to broaden their horizons and meet new challenges.

As a Catholic-Christian College, the spiritual, moral and relational dimensions of educating for life are blended together with the academic, sporting and artistic pursuits in the human person.

All students are encouraged to participate accordingly.

Galen has a rich tradition, a vibrant present and a bright future. We invite those who are interested to come and see.