An Indonesian cultural immersion

IndoDayLast Thursday, all Year 7 students were involved in Indonesian Day. The students participated in a range of activities, including: Angklung (Indonesian bamboo musical instrument), Dance, Gamelan (Indonesian musical instrument) and Indonesian village games. One Year 7 student commented, “My favourite activity was the dancing because we got to dress up”.

Following this, the Year 8 students were able to participate in some of the Indonesian village games and gamelan. The village games were certainly entertaining and enjoyable.

In the afternoon, Year 9 students studying Indonesian made a batik print using wax and fabric dye. Batik is a form of Indonesian art commonly found on the island of Java, Indonesia. The prints are generally very intricate and take several months to complete, the students commented “using the wax was really difficult, so the Indonesian people who make batik are very talented at what they do!”