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Arts & Technology Exhibition

On Tuesday the 16th of October, the Arts were well and truly alive at Galen College.
This was a wonderful night showcasing the extraordinary talent of our VCE students. The exhibition included work from Studio Art, Visual Communication & Design, Music Performance, Theatre Studies, Hospitality, Food Technology, Media Studies along with Materials & Technology. The exhibition also featured work from students in Years 7-10. Espresso on Ovens catered and we were privileged to have two successful artists speak at the opening, Mr George Piercy (from the Muse Gallery Milawa) and artist Damian Mitchell who journeyed from Melbourne. I am sure that all those who attended, left the school both impressed and well entertained.

On Tuesday I had the great privilege of presenting a number of awards given by the Arts Domain at the Year 12 Farewell Assembly.

PERFORMING ARTS AWARD: This award recognises a student who has participated,
contributed, displayed leadership qualities and excelled in Drama classes, Music classes, College Productions, School liturgies and other extra-curricular activities. This year there were two very worthy recipients who contributed greatly to our Drama and Music
Programs. Des Flanagan and Sarah Pitcher received these awards.

THE MUSIC AWARD: This award recognizes contributions to the Senior Band and Junior bands, musicianship, punctuality, contributions to tours and liturgies. This year the winner of the Music Award was Katie Faithfull.

The best-exhibited Piece from the Arts Exhibition: This year we created a new award for the best-exhibited piece at the Exhibition. Billy Sullivan’s excellent media presentation called ‘No Chance’ won this award and was shown at the assembly to a very appreciative crowd.

THE ARTS ACQUISITION AWARD: Each year the Arts Department purchases a piece of work from the exhibition to display at Galen. Bethany Powell was the recipient of this award with her wonderful piece titled “Dream Cupboard”.