Asthma Foundation – Preparing Your Child for School Sports Days

Sports carnivals are a highlight in every school’s calendar, and it is important that all students are able to participate to the best of their abilities. Exercise is a trigger for over 50% of people with asthma, so asthma exacerbations are common on sports days. Parents and carers can take several easy steps to help manage their child’s asthma, and to prevent them from having a serious asthma attack.
Return an updated Asthma Action Plan to the school so that staff are ready to respond appropriately to any asthma symptoms that your child may have
Teach your child to recognise early asthma symptoms, and help them to feel confident to self-administer reliever medication (also using a spacer where possible)
Encourage your child to notify staff if they experience asthma symptoms, even if they self-administer reliever medication and feel comfortable returning to activity
 Be aware that if your child is unwell or has poorly managed asthma, they are more likely to experience symptoms during exercise.
For further information, please contact the Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 1800 645 130 or email