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Greetings from Timor Leste


Hello to you from tropical Baucau. The bugs and mozzies greet you as do we. We have enjoyed a fun filled and busy 6 days with lots of fun packed adventure.  We have visited Abalfala and Maestro Jamie sends his warmest regards especially to Santiago, who was greatly missed. However Pedro has found another Pedro so all is right with the world.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children at Abalfala and again today at Ponte Leste. They have been challenged out of their comfort zone with some positive results.  They have finally settled on a song to share after months of debate including the bus trip to Baucau, and have settled on an inclusive little ditty namely the ever classic ‘Price Tag’.

Will Nolan providing the appropriate grunts and sound effects goes down a treat.

We are enjoying lots of etu (rice – boiled), humidity and the ever humbling joy from the Timorese people.  We are constantly welcomed and warmed by their welcoming spirit.

Sending love to you all,

Team Timor 2015