Business in Beechworth

On Thursday 13th October, both Year 11 Business classes departed Galen for Beechworth. The objective of the trip was to investigate the ways in which each of the three business’ market their product or service. Mr Ellis remained tight lipped about the location and surprise element of the trip added to the experience.
The first place we visited was ‘Murray Breweries’, a local brewery that produces gourmet and natural cordials. Leonie explained the product they provide as well as how they promote, distribute and price it.
The next place we visited was the ‘Beechworth Ghost Tours’. Adam, the co-owner, took us down to the dark cellar where he explained to us what marketing means for his business.
Soon the last talk, from Marty at the Beechworth Bakery was finished and it was then we were free to get some lunch and conduct our own interviews on business’ that interested us.
All three businesses gave useful insight into the real world implications of what we had previously studied in class. Thanks to Mr Laurie Burt who also accompanied us on the trip.

Nathan Whinray.

Tim Ellis, Year 11 Business Teacher
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leonie (Murray Breweries), Adam and Sharon Wynne (Beechworth Ghost Tours) and Marty Matassoni ( Manager and co owner Beechworth Bakery ). It is through the generosity of these people and other business owners who have given their time during the year to help our students that our Business Management students have gained many valuable insights.    We    are    indeed lucky to live in a region with so many enterprising and hard working business owners who have been willing to share their knowledge and experiences with our students. A big thankyou!

Tim Ellis