Galen walks for social justice

Zach Sewell-Dolphin, Will Brown and Caleb Brendel take a break during the week-long Caritas fundraising walk at Galen College.


More than 450 year 7 and 8 students and teachers at Galen Catholic College participated in the annual Caritas fundraising event this week called ‘Walk for Water’, under the guidance of Social Justice Coordinator, Mrs Skye Hunter. The ‘Walk for Water’ is a unique event held at Galen, designed to provide students with an opportunity to be more and be a voice for the poorest people in our world.

Students are encouraged to think about the challenges that the poor and disadvantaged people have to face every day, just to collect water to survive; not to brush their teeth, wash their cars or swim and play in it like we do here in Wangaratta.

Homeroom groups will walk together as a ‘village’ carrying as much water as far a distance as possible, using containers of various size and structure, while taking on the physical characteristics and ailments of the people who walk for water for their own survival. The week-long relay event took place on the school grounds every period of every day in the last week of the term. Year 7 student Zach Sewell-Dolphin said that ‘We get to experience their pain and what they have to do each day just to survive”.

If you would like to support this worthy cause by sponsoring Galen students, donations can be made online at:

Funds raised through Caritas go towards relief aid efforts in Australia and abroad.