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DECA Camps begin!

During March, all Year 11 students have the opportunity to develop some valuable driving and road safety skills at Shepparton’s DECA (Driver Education Centre of Australia). The first group of students to go on the camp were from Kirsty Watson’s and Mal Webster’s homerooms. Students enjoyed two days of training, which combined theory and practical learning. Some comments from students:
“I’m feeling more confident and have had the chance to drive both auto and manual cars.”
“Our instructor was great, we learnt defensive driving skills like anticipating hazards on the road.”

Senior School News

Opening School Mass & Assembly
At the recent opening school mass and assembly School Captains, Nathan Whinray and Mary Paino acquitted themselves very well in their role as MCs. The SRC members were formally acknowledged and will shortly receive their badges. The awards for excellence in 2011 were also presented .

Year 11 students have been gaining extensive experience with their driving while participating in the DECA program. The level of co-operation and enthusiasm for this program has been strongly evident.

Citizenship Camp
The following information has been advertised on the bulletin at school. Year 11 students are encouraged to consider this opportunity. Rotary Adventure in Citizenship is a project focused on the following:
*Exploring Canberra & Federal Parliament
*Learning about the Constitution
*Your role in citizenship
*Observing question time
*Meeting Senators, Members & Parliamentary Officers
Students attend from May 5th-12th.
If interested, please see
 Mr. Evans or Mr. Grogan.

Mick Grogan, Senior School Director

Exchange Trip to Italy

Students at Galen who study a language have the chance to take part in an exchange trip overseas usually at the end of year eleven for two months. Last year the majority of our Italian class decided to take this opportunity. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and our host families were very friendly and hospitable.
Last year my family hosted an Italian boy the same age as me for three months and I got along well with him. When he left I decided that I would go and stay with his family in Padova, Italy for two months. I had a wonderful time there and I met a lot of new friends, embraced the culture and improved my Italian.
I would suggest to anyone who wishes to do an exchange trip to not be scared and take the wonderful opportunity. Padova was a beautiful city and is about thirty minutes from Venice in the north east of Italy. While I was there I went to school every day from Monday to Saturday! School in Italy is a lot different compared to school in Australia. For the Christmas break I went skiing in the Dolomites for two weeks and spent Christmas in my family’s apartment in the mountains.
Overall, it was a beautiful experience and I still miss my host family a lot. It gave me a wider perspective on life and I got to travel the world and meet new people.

Tom Frawley, VCE 3

Senior Girls Cricket

The senior girls cricket team played Wangaratta High School in glorious conditions on the afternoon of Friday 9th March.
 Tayla Ward was brilliant with the bat and was the side’s top scorer.  Captain Emily Langdren showed great leadership in encouraging her fellow team members and providing tactical support.
The game was very close, with WHS just beating the Galen girls by 6 runs.
 Thanks to Nicole Nixon and Lucy Walch for managing the team so well.

Senior School News

Year 11 students will be completing a two-day Student Driver Program conducted by DECA in Shepparton. This is a terrific opportunity to gain valuable experience in learning to drive. The students will be accommodated overnight at Dookie College.
Students will need to be at Galen College by 6.50 am on the date of departure so that they can be organised to leave by 7.00 am. The Student Driver Program runs from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm each day. After completing the program, students will return to the College at approximately 6.20 pm. on the second day. Students will be provided with dinner and breakfast at Dookie College. They should bring food they require for snacks and lunch on the first day. They will require some money to purchase lunch on the second day of the camp. Students are required to bring pens or pencils for use in the classroom. The dates for the camps are listed. Please ensure all medical and permission forms are returned promptly.
At the recent Senior School Assembly, capably lead by Mr. Ellis’ homeroom, part of the theme was: ‘to have the courage to hold onto your convictions and be not afraid’. The Year 11 SRC members were also officially announced. Congratulations to Jonathon Panozzo, Andrew Mair, Zoe Levesque, Tess Rowland, Bridie Naughtin, Jacquelyn O’Keefe and Nick DelliCastelli.
    At this assembly the following information was also again advertised:
The main purpose of the Rotary Murray-Darling School of Freshwater Research (RMDSFR) is to enable Year 11 students who live in and around the Murray-Darling Basin to experience activities that are inherent in the fields of freshwater research, conservation and the environment. The students work in teams for five days from Thursday 12th April – Monday 16th April. One of the aims of the School is to introduce students to the process of scientific investigation and the role that research plays in living in a sustainable environment.  By combining problem solving activities with intensive support and advice from staff from the three institutions, MDFRC, La Trobe University and Charles Sturt University, the students gain a realistic and fun introduction to freshwater ecology, conservation and the environment. Please see Mr. Evans or Mr. Grogan if you are interested.
Mick Grogan, Senior School Director

From The Hills Of Howman’s Gap To The Waters Of Lake Hume

On Wednesday 8th of February two busloads of Year 12 students and teachers travelled in different directions with the same purpose in mind, to build relationships and reflect upon their own spiritual journey.
    Over three days students were given the opportunity to work with and share their ideas and thoughts with each other and with their teachers. This happened in the large group and also in small groups of students.
    On Thursday each retreat group shared a Eucharistic celebration with Parish priests from the local areas. We would like to thank Father Jake Mudge, from Sacred Heart, Wodonga and Father Peter Taylor from St Mary’s Parish, Myrtleford, for celebrating the Eucharist with our students and staff. Both retreat groups became very involved in the preparation to share and reflect on our Christian story in the sacrament of Eucharist. Teachers and staff really appreciated the presence and leadership of Fr. Peter and Fr. Jake at the retreats.
    Year Twelve retreats at Galen have a wonderful tradition and history. This retreat proved to be no different. The students and staff value and respect each other. After attending both retreats I could see immediately that there is something special in the relationships between the students and the staff at Galen. I would like to thank all the staff who made the retreats such a success, the students who engaged so willingly and the parents for supporting their children to attend.
    Socrates once said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ The magic of the Year 12 retreat was that students were given many opportunities, both individually and collectively to achieve this.
    In his time on earth Jesus Christ constantly challenged us to be more, more for God, more for each other and more for ourselves. The teachers and students who experienced the retreat gave of themselves and examined who they are and where they want go in the future. What a great way for Year 12 to begin 2012. Well done.

Gerard Sullivan, Deputy Principal- Catholic Identity

VCE Jumper Presentation & Awards Evening

An inspiring start to Year 12
Year 12 students began the year formally at the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre, with their annual VCE Jumper and Award Presentation evening last Wednesday.         
    The Honorable Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Daniel Andrews a former Galen student, as special guest speaker delivered an inspiring speech. He impressed upon the students the importance of persistent hard work –“nothing that’s worth having comes easily”, the fact that this year presents many opportunities that may not occur again and implored students to to appreciate the wonderfully fertile and nourishing environment that Galen provides. He emphasized that there are many people throughout Victoria and across the world who would give anything for an education in a safe, supportive school, such as ours.
    Students were encouraged to focus on the importance of attitude, “the one thing over which they have total control” and how this will enhance their chances of “doing their personal best”.
Senior School News
The Year 12 students were further inspired and encouraged to work hard when, prior to the presentation of the jumpers, the VCE academic awards for 2011 were presented, including Dux for 2011, Claire Luxford with an ATAR of 99.25. The full list of subject award winners is below.
    Additionally two other students were recognized for their achievements. The Business and Professional Women of Wangaratta, in particular Helen Ross have been wonderful supporters of our College for many years. The group now officially non-operational, donated funds to the College, to provide a bursary each year to a Year 11 into 12 female student who has demonstrated diligence, organization and a capacity to support her peers. Kelly Closter was awarded this scholarship.
    The Australian Vocational Student Prize introduced by the Federal Government and worth $2000 has been established to recognize the benefits of vocational programs. Emily Schultz was presented with a certificate to acknowledge her wonderful success in winning this award.
    Principal Bernard Neal, in his speech, observed a sense of optimism within this year’s group and a determination to make their mark and to work collaboratively.
    College Captains for 2012, were also officially announced. Successful candidates Mary Paino and Nathan Whinray were both extremely pleased and proud to be given the opportunity to represent Galen as student leaders this year. The start to the year has been terrific. Students have been keen to embrace their studies and participated enthusiastically in the retreats held last week.
Year 11
Shortly Year 11 students will be receiving details about the upcoming Driver Education Camp conducted in Shepparton. It is important that the forms associated with this activity are completed and returned to school promptly please.

Mick Grogan, Senior School Director

National Youth Science Forum

During the summer holidays, Fletcher Barnes, Michael Naughtin (pictured) and Christopher Traill attended the National Youth Science Forum, a 12 day program which aims to expose Year 11 students to the broader fields of science and technology, as well as hone theie interpersonal skills, which will be needed throughout life.      
    During their time at the Forum, the students were introduced to a huge range of scientific research organisations, such as CSIRO and the research facilities at the Australian National University. The Forum also fostered discussion regarding present national and global issues and emphasises the importance of maintaining continuing active interests in sport, arts and music during Year 12.
    The three boys came back from the Forum describing it as ‘the best two weeks of their lives’. They returned with a wider perspective of career prospects, a more enthusiastic look towards their studies and all plan to grasp the opportunity to represent Australia internationally.
    They highly recommend it to any Year 11 student that is interested in a career in science, and emphasise that applicants with a well-rounded personality can be very successful. Any interested student is encouraged to contact Mr Carr, or Fletch, Chris or Michael for more information.

Michael Naughtin, VCE2 and Chris Traill, VCE3

Senior School News

Welcome back to all the students and teachers who have been at Galen Catholic College previously and a special welcome to the students who are joining us for the first time in the Senior School. We hope that you will enjoy your time here and that you are ready to engage fully in the many opportunities on offer.
The Senior School Teaching team consists of the following personnel:
Year 12 Co-ordinator: Mrs. Anne O’Dwyer
Year 11 Co-ordinator: Mr Edwin Evans
Work and Further Education Co-ordinator: Mr Rob Walker,
Year 12 Homeroom Teachers: Mr. Hovey, Mr. Rispin, Mrs. Albertson, Mrs. Evans, Mrs Kittel , Mrs Nolan/Mrs Bromley,
VCAL Homeroom Teachers: Mr. Holligan/ Miss Timms
Year 11 Homeroom Teachers: Mr Faithfull, Miss Scarce, Mr Samon, Mr Ellis, Mrs Watson, Mr Webster, Mr Carson/Mrs Cobain.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher should the need arise.
 At the assembly to welcome back students on Friday, a special tribute to Mr. Paul Lewis affectionately known as ‘Lewie’ was conducted. Paul who taught for 34 years at the College was a loyal colleague, caring teacher and wonderful father to Jess and Daniel. As we start a new school year we will do so with sadness at Galen Catholic College. Paul is inextricably linked to the history of the college in so many ways. We will in due course, ensure that a special reminder will be put in place to acknowledge the contribution of Paul Lewis who passed our way.    
 Congratulations to our School Captains for 2012, Nathan Whinray and Mary Paino. Nathan, Mary, Jacinta Cooper, Kellie Closter and Darcy Marum recently attended the YLead leadership camp and have come back enriched and ready to inspire others. Congratulations to the other Year 12 SRC students Andrew Spence, Josh Schonafinger, Jacinta Cooper and Katie Faithfull. The VCAL and Year 11 SRC  students will be announced shortly.
 Michael Naughtin, Fletcher Barnes and Chris Traill enjoyed an enlightening experience at the National Youth Science Forum over the break and wish to acknowledge the support received from Rotary and Galen College that enabled this opportunity.
We also welcome back the students who traveled to Italy on exchange and trust that they have been enriched by the wonderful opportunity to participate first hand in a sophisticated culture, steeped in art and history.  
 The Year 12 students will be on retreat as this newsletter goes to print. The retreats will take place at Howman’s Gap in the mountains and at the Lake Hume resort. We look forward to hearing about their experiences upon their return.

Mick Grogan, Senior School Director

Exchange Program Bursary Winners 2011

The 2012 Bursary winners were Andrew Spence, Francis Samon, Josh Schonafinger, and Jack Sorrensen (pictured with Bernard Neal, Principal). These yearly bursaries of $500 each are made available by Galen in association with partner exchange agencies. Galen has 7 students recently returned from Italy where they were on 2 months exchange.
As part of the LOTE Italian course, the exchange program is conducted at the end of Year 11 in order to complement and maximize the student’s VCE language outcomes. Students return with increased fluency in Italian and a much greater appreciation of Italy and its culture.
This overseas immersion experience is then further extended and developed by formal studies of VCE unit 3 & 4 at Galen where lessons are conducted predominantly in the target language of Italian.

Franco Cudini