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Picture: Yr12 Graduation Evening

Year 12 Graduation Evening

Picture: Yr12 Graduation Evening
Picture: Yr12 Graduation Evening

The Year 12 Graduation Evening was held on Thursday November 24 at the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre. It was a wonderful evening, designed to recognise all that the Class of 2011 have contributed to Galen over the years and to wish them well in their future endeavours. The students and their families thoroughly enjoyed this fitting celebration.

HeadStart – Information for Parents of Year 10 and 11 students

Galen Catholic College is pleased to announce the introduction of a HeadStart Program for 2011. The aim of the program is to begin instruction in VCE subjects in both Years 11 and 12 so students can commence the 2012 school year ready to do their best. These classes are compulsory.
HeadStart will begin at the conclusion of Year 10 and Year 11 exam period. Students will attend their new classes where they will be introduced to the coursework and begin the content involved. HeadStart orientation including the timetable for the two weeks will be given out in the first introductory session. Holiday homework tasks and preparation for School Assessed Tasks and Coursework will be given.
For Year 10 and Year 11 students the first day of Headstart will be Tuesday November 29th.  Students are expected to be in full school uniform (including hats) for the duration of the Headstart Program.
If you have any questions about the HeadStart program or would like more information please contact Mr. Darren Hovey, Mr. Paul Carson, Mr. Mick Grogan or Mr. Keith Willett.
The key dates are listed below:
17th November – 18th November:
Study Days– no formal classes for Year 11’s only
21st November – 25th November:
Year 10 and Year 11 Examination Week
28th November:
Report Writing Day – Student Free Day
29th November:
HeadStart classes begin
9th December:
Middle School End of Year Mass
Periods 3 and 4
9th December:
HeadStart classes finish
3rd February 2012:
VCE classes commence
8th February – 10th February 2012:
Year 12 Retreat – Howman’s Gap and Lake Hume
15th February 2012:
Year 12 Jumper Presentation Night – WPAC
March 2012:
Year 11 DECA Camps– Shepp & Dookie

Keith Willett
Middle School Director
Paul Carson
Senior School Director (2011)
Mick Grogan
Senior School Director (2012)

Picture: RACV SpinChat

RACV SpinChat

On the first day of term 4, the Year 11 students heard from Anthony Gray who at 19, was a victim of a BMX accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Anthony is now a speaker for the RACV SpinChat program which aims to raise awareness, promote prevention and to educate secondary students about spinal cord injury.

Picture: RACV SpinChat
Picture: RACV SpinChat

After showing us a short video that included interviews with him and other victims of a spinal cord injury, Anthony shared with us his story. He told us about his normal life before the accident, the fateful day in detail, the long recovery period and his life now.
Like most people Anthony believed that this sort of injury wouldn’t happen to him. Even right after the accident he tried to get up not realizing how badly he hurt himself, and once in hospital he said he thought that he would get better and life would go back to normal. Unfortunately there is no cure for spinal cord injuries but that doesn’t mean Anthony doesn’t still enjoy life. He plays wheelchair rugby and is an active member of his local CFA. I thought it was great to hear such a personal story from someone who has really been through it. Anthony’s story shows that a spinal cord injury can happen to anyone but common sense precautions can prevent most of them.

Business in Beechworth

On Thursday 13th October, both Year 11 Business classes departed Galen for Beechworth. The objective of the trip was to investigate the ways in which each of the three business’ market their product or service. Mr Ellis remained tight lipped about the location and surprise element of the trip added to the experience.
The first place we visited was ‘Murray Breweries’, a local brewery that produces gourmet and natural cordials. Leonie explained the product they provide as well as how they promote, distribute and price it.
The next place we visited was the ‘Beechworth Ghost Tours’. Adam, the co-owner, took us down to the dark cellar where he explained to us what marketing means for his business.
Soon the last talk, from Marty at the Beechworth Bakery was finished and it was then we were free to get some lunch and conduct our own interviews on business’ that interested us.
All three businesses gave useful insight into the real world implications of what we had previously studied in class. Thanks to Mr Laurie Burt who also accompanied us on the trip.

Nathan Whinray.

Tim Ellis, Year 11 Business Teacher
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leonie (Murray Breweries), Adam and Sharon Wynne (Beechworth Ghost Tours) and Marty Matassoni ( Manager and co owner Beechworth Bakery ). It is through the generosity of these people and other business owners who have given their time during the year to help our students that our Business Management students have gained many valuable insights.    We    are    indeed lucky to live in a region with so many enterprising and hard working business owners who have been willing to share their knowledge and experiences with our students. A big thankyou!

Tim Ellis

Picture: English Student Ashleigh Fife

A Little Language goes a long way!

For a new subject English Language sure gets around. Last Monday the English Language students visited a local child care centre to study child language acquisition. How children learn to speak and connect the sounds they make with meanings to make sense of the world around them is a field of study in linguistics that is still being hotly debated. This visit gave students a chance to observe first hand this phenomena. The students also got their first taste of the frustrations and joys of collecting raw data in the field. We learnt just how long it takes for a child under two years to “warm up” to talking and just how many attempts it takes to conduct a “wug test”- to demonstrate a child’s ability to make plural endings. All the students found themselves very popular with the children who were all keen to talk to some new “big” people and lots of new friendships were made over the sandpit, lunch and games. Overall we all left with an enormous amount of admiration for the staff of the child care centre who must expend a huge amount of energy caring for their charges. Below: Jack Sorrensen & Ashleigh Fife.

By Christine Duff, English Language Teacher

Picture: English Student Jack Sorrensen
Picture: English Student Jack Sorrensen
Picture: English Student Ashleigh Fife
Picture: English Student Ashleigh Fife

VCAL Excursion to Albury/Wodonga

On Friday 2nd September 2011 the VCAL class went up to Albury/Wodonga to look at pizza oven and vegie garden. The pizza oven at Galen is going to be built near the Food Technology and LOTE rooms.  We took a mini bus to Albury/Wodonga. We went on an excursion because we are building one at school. The weather was really nice and sunny. 

When we got to Albury/Wodonga we went to a park for morning tea. We measured the pizza oven in Albury and we discussed the seating area. We went to Hovell Tree Park to look at Pizza ovens. The park is nice and big.

At 11:00 we went to Gateway in Wodonga because we got to Hovell Park early. At 11:30 we got back on the bus and went to Wodonga West Primary School to have a look at their pizza oven and vegie garden. It took 15 minutes to get to Wodonga West Primary School.  Their pizza oven is really good. They had a little vegie garden near the pizza oven. They had a big vegie garden near the back of the classrooms. It took up one to two acres in land. They have a worm farm which eats the food scraps. They also have chickens which eat the food scraps. They also have a kitchen where they cook things after it is ready to harvest. The worms and chickens eat the left-over food that the kids didn’t use.

There was one sculpture that was made out of bikes and it had two scary faces. They use recycle materials to create their gardens. When we were about to leave Jacob Carter said thank you to the Principal for letting us look at the pizza oven and vegie garden. We went to Oddies Creek Park for lunch. The playground got opened that day. It got a big playground. Bridget Feehan and Mr Hovey cooked lunch. We had a BBQ for lunch. Lunch was very nice. There was a balloon man that made frog for Kristine, a rainbow for Mr Hovey and a monkey. We thanked Bridget Feehan and Mr Hovey for cooking lunch.

Ms Duff didn’t come back on the bus with us. At 2:00 we got back on the bus and came back to school. Mr Walker drove the bus up to Albury/Wodonga. We thanked Leanne Carr, Mr Hovey and Mr Walker for coming on the excursion with us. It was home-time for us.

 By Bridget Feehan, VCAL Student


Picture: Bridget Feehan

VCAL Herb Garden

On Friday 12th August 2011 the VCAL class had a guest speaker called Ute come and talk about the veggie gardens. Ute talked to the class about her herb

Picture: Bridget Feehan
Picture: Bridget Feehan

garden. Ute brought around some herbs that we could smell. She talked about what kind of herbs she had. The class showed Ute where the vegetable garden is. After recess one group went with Ute to the veggie garden and the other group stayed in the classroom and looked through some of her books of herbs. We researched some herbs on the laptops and books. We found some info on some herbs then put it on the whiteboard. The first group went out and planted some herbs in the veggie gardens. The second group went out and planted the rest of the herbs in the two gardens.

Bridget Feehan, VCAL student

Picture: English Excursion

English Language Excursion

On Monday the 8th of August Ms Duff’s English Language excursion visited well known linguist and head of speech pathology Libby Clark at Charles Sturt University in Albury. The students were lucky enough to be given a one and a half hour discussion group session in the library on topics including “How children acquire language”, “Written versus oral communication” and other related linguistic issues.

Prof Clark was very impressed with the students level of knowledge, questions and humour. The students were most impressed with Clark’s passion, communication skills and ability to cover such a wide range of topics in a hugely engaging manner.

Picture: English Excursion
Picture: English Excursion

The students were then taken to visit ABC Golburn Murray Radio where they meet with presenter Joseph Thomsen to discuss the differences between spontaneous speech and presenting on the radio. The students were also given the opportunity to practice what they are studying by recording an interview whilst they were there which they will analyse in class later on.

The day out served to further the class interest in English Language and allowed us to get a glimpse of some further applications of this wonderful subject both in tertiary studies and in the workplace.

Christine Duff