A chat with Galen’s 2016 Dux – Ian Christy

As the new cohort of 2017 Year 12s commenced for the beginning of the new academic year, our 2016 Dux Ian Christy visited Galen to share his thoughts on what to expect from the year ahead…

First of all, congratulations on your hard work last year and great success. What’s next in store for you?
This year I’ll be studying Science at Mebourne Uni and will possibly major in Physics or Maths. I’ll be living on campus and have a mixture of nerves and excitement about the year ahead. Lots of people say how different uni is to school, so I’ll just have to wait and see. I am looking forward to it though.

For students just starting Year 12 today, what should they expect from the year ahead?
The year will really fly by! It just seemed to go so quickly. I found it to be an enjoyable year, especially as you get to choose subjects you’re really interested in and enjoy studying.

Teachers often talk about maintaining balance between study and other commitments, but is balance actually achievable in Year 12?
Definitely, you can still go to parties and socialize! Balance is different for everyone, so you just have to find what works for you. I set myself a study timetable to plan when I’d get work and revision done for each of my subjects. When I’d completed that I gave myself time to do things I enjoy. For me, one of those things was gaming, but for others it might be sport, catching up with friends or some other leisure activity.

As a high-flyer, are there any other study tips you can share?
When you’re studying, leave your phone in another room! At the start of the year I got really distracted by my phone and computer games, so I used a study timetable to keep me on-track. I stuck to it all year and it meant I didn’t get stressed, it kept me organized.

Thanks again for catching up, we wish you all the best at uni this year!