Community Engagement at Galen with Dr George Otero

Unearthing the capacity within school communities to build every child’s achievement, wellbeing, life chances and spirit of service

On Tuesday 6th June a group of invited Galen staff, parents and community members gathered for a shared lunch and conversation with Dr George Otero, Founder of The Center for Relational Learning. George recently led the Sandhurst Parent Leadership and Family Engagement Strategy Study Tour to Santa Fe. Galen Deputy Principals Marie Salinger and Pat Arcuri participated in this study tour and shared their learnings with invited guests.

Following a delicious lunch provided by Hospitality students in the Soul Food Café, attendees had the opportunity to examine how Galen can improve understanding and connectedness for our school community, and to improve learning outcomes for our students. Conversations during the session focused on the importance of engaging families in learning, building social capital, and strengthening relationships between all members of the school community.