Congratulations to the 2012 House Co-captains!

Rather than having a captain and vice-captain for 2012, the decision was made to have two co-captains instead. This decision was based on the fact that each house captain will have a share of the work and responsibility.


Champagnat Girls – Maddison Smart, Sophia Miccio
Champagnat Boys
– James Gibson, Jayden Bear
Chisholm Girls – Bethany Cook, Jazmyn Coonan
Chisholm Boys – Waylon Bortignon, Will Eefting
Delaney Girls – Tess Keenan, Jade Gibson
Delaney Boys – Zac Elliott, Nick Richards
McKillop Girls – Noemi Brockhoff, Nina-Maree Dumett
McKillop Boys – Will Nolan, Fletcher Stewart

Champagnat Girls – Carly Perso, Demi Bowers
Champagnat Boys – Dylan Langdren, Ben Morrow
Chisholm Girls – Chelsea Larkings, Emaline Howard
Chisholm Boys – Tim Clarke, Lachlan McKellar
Delaney Girls – Holly Judd, Ruby Gardner-Russell
Delaney Boys  – Dylan Westra, Ben Rolsten
McKillop Girls – Sarah Cunningham, Sarah Hynes
McKillop Boys – Jackson Clarke,  Matt Spence

Champagnat Boys – Fletcher Barnes, Jack Sorrenson
Champagnat Girls – Emily Langdren, Frances Samon
Chisholm Boys – Michael Naughtin, Tom Frawley
Chisholm Girls – Kate Clark, Lara Seeger
Delaney Boys – Chris Parsons, Kieran Walsh
Delaney Girls – Kayla Grassi, Caitlin Hamer
McKillop Boys – Des Flanagan, Wade Goodwin
McKilliop Girls – Hannah Nolan, Meredith Johnson

Congratulations to the 2012 House Co-captains!