Principal actions: identification and notification

  1. Parents/carers should inform the school by phone or written notification. Principals should

then follow the process put in place by their diocesan education office.

  1. Students who report a positive result must isolate for five days and not attend school until

their symptoms resolve.

  1. Where a student is a household contact of a positive case (that is, they have spent more

than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation, or

care facility) they must inform the school. Household and household-like contacts are no

longer required to quarantine as long as they take additional safety measures in the 7

days that would have been their quarantine period. If household contacts

do not undertake the safety measures they are required to isolate and test on Day one

and Day 6 of isolation. Household contacts are required to inform the school that they

are attending during the 7-day period.

  1. Parents/carers are able to leave isolation if other arrangements cannot be made to

transport their non-infectious child via private vehicle to and/or from school. The person

leaving self-isolation must travel directly to and from the location, making no stops, unless

there is an emergency or as required by law. They must remain in the vehicle at all times,

unless it is reasonably necessary to leave the vehicle to deliver the person to and from

school, and must wear a face covering whilst outside the place of self-isolation.