Dear Parents and Guardians,

Those of you who had the opportunity to see Galen’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Tecnicolor Dreamcoat know what an outstanding production it was!

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and myriad of other helpers and participants. Not only did we have the talented and committed Galen students, staff and parents contributing to the enterprise, we also had students, staff and parents from the five Catholic primary schools of  St Bernard’s, Our Lady’s, St Patrick’s (all from Wangaratta), St Mary’s (Rutherglen) and St Joseph’s (Chiltern).

I attended opening night and Friday night’s performances so I saw both casts in action. There was a genuine quality in the acting, musicianship, staging and overall presentation of this production. The fact that there were over 160 students involved from six different schools is a great tribute to the organizational and creative talent of the show’s director, Julie Nolan, and musical director, David Ashfield. I am aware, too that there was enormous input from other staff and parents both at the performances, and in the preparations for such things as costumes, tickets, supervision, etc.

As I reported to staff afterwards, this was an experience that should make us all very proud to be Galen!

Subject selection for 2012

The important process of subject selection has already begun for students undertaking studies at Year 11 or Year 12 next year. It will soon spread to include students going into Years 9 & 10.

I encourage all parents to take an active and close interest in this process as the decisions made will have a significant bearing on your child’s pathway over the coming years, including those years immediately after they finish secondary school.

Please ensure that you take full advantage of the resources at Galen to assist you and your child to make the most appropriate decisions to meet their individual goals.


Bernard Neal