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Exchange Program Bursary Winners 2011

The 2012 Bursary winners were Andrew Spence, Francis Samon, Josh Schonafinger, and Jack Sorrensen (pictured with Bernard Neal, Principal). These yearly bursaries of $500 each are made available by Galen in association with partner exchange agencies. Galen has 7 students recently returned from Italy where they were on 2 months exchange.
As part of the LOTE Italian course, the exchange program is conducted at the end of Year 11 in order to complement and maximize the student’s VCE language outcomes. Students return with increased fluency in Italian and a much greater appreciation of Italy and its culture.
This overseas immersion experience is then further extended and developed by formal studies of VCE unit 3 & 4 at Galen where lessons are conducted predominantly in the target language of Italian.

Franco Cudini