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Exchange Trip to Italy

Students at Galen who study a language have the chance to take part in an exchange trip overseas usually at the end of year eleven for two months. Last year the majority of our Italian class decided to take this opportunity. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and our host families were very friendly and hospitable.
Last year my family hosted an Italian boy the same age as me for three months and I got along well with him. When he left I decided that I would go and stay with his family in Padova, Italy for two months. I had a wonderful time there and I met a lot of new friends, embraced the culture and improved my Italian.
I would suggest to anyone who wishes to do an exchange trip to not be scared and take the wonderful opportunity. Padova was a beautiful city and is about thirty minutes from Venice in the north east of Italy. While I was there I went to school every day from Monday to Saturday! School in Italy is a lot different compared to school in Australia. For the Christmas break I went skiing in the Dolomites for two weeks and spent Christmas in my family’s apartment in the mountains.
Overall, it was a beautiful experience and I still miss my host family a lot. It gave me a wider perspective on life and I got to travel the world and meet new people.

Tom Frawley, VCE 3