From The Hills Of Howman’s Gap To The Waters Of Lake Hume

On Wednesday 8th of February two busloads of Year 12 students and teachers travelled in different directions with the same purpose in mind, to build relationships and reflect upon their own spiritual journey.
    Over three days students were given the opportunity to work with and share their ideas and thoughts with each other and with their teachers. This happened in the large group and also in small groups of students.
    On Thursday each retreat group shared a Eucharistic celebration with Parish priests from the local areas. We would like to thank Father Jake Mudge, from Sacred Heart, Wodonga and Father Peter Taylor from St Mary’s Parish, Myrtleford, for celebrating the Eucharist with our students and staff. Both retreat groups became very involved in the preparation to share and reflect on our Christian story in the sacrament of Eucharist. Teachers and staff really appreciated the presence and leadership of Fr. Peter and Fr. Jake at the retreats.
    Year Twelve retreats at Galen have a wonderful tradition and history. This retreat proved to be no different. The students and staff value and respect each other. After attending both retreats I could see immediately that there is something special in the relationships between the students and the staff at Galen. I would like to thank all the staff who made the retreats such a success, the students who engaged so willingly and the parents for supporting their children to attend.
    Socrates once said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ The magic of the Year 12 retreat was that students were given many opportunities, both individually and collectively to achieve this.
    In his time on earth Jesus Christ constantly challenged us to be more, more for God, more for each other and more for ourselves. The teachers and students who experienced the retreat gave of themselves and examined who they are and where they want go in the future. What a great way for Year 12 to begin 2012. Well done.

Gerard Sullivan, Deputy Principal- Catholic Identity