From the Principal – Issue 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have now passed the half-way mark of first term. Our progress into the second half of the term is heralded by Ash Wednesday and the start of the season of Lent which will take us through to Easter.

Lent is a time of fasting, self-sacrifice, helping others in need, and preparation for the Easter ceremonies centering around the events leading to the death and resurrection of Jesus. In days gone by, the main focus was on “what I am giving up for Lent”. Whilst this focus remains to a certain extent, it is supplemented these days with a stronger focus on doing what we can to help others less fortunate than ourselves, not only financially, but emotionally and practically as well.

We don’t have to look far to find others in need of some kind: those who are marginalized by our society, or even by ourselves; those who are suffering from the rebukes and criticisms of those around them; those coping with hardship of any kind in their lives.

Our challenge is twofold: firstly, in recognizing when others are suffering, and doing something to ease that suffering; and, secondly, the more difficult and challenging task of recognizing when our own behavior is actually contributing to that suffering either by something we are doing, or in many cases, not doing.

We have until April 20 – Easter Sunday – to do something about this. After which, it is fair to question why on earth we would revert to such behavior.

Swimming Sports
Congratulations to all students and parents who attended the Swimming Sports last on Wednesday evening. Given the inclement and thunderous weather of the previous week, the re-scheduled date was a sheer delight weather-wise. It is true that because of the optional nature of our Swimming Sports we have a reasonably small percentage of our students in attendance. That said, those who attended on Wednesday had a great night and provided the basis for our selection of the inter-school team to swim in the Upper Hume carnival this week.

Thanks to the Parents Association team for providing the BBQ throughout the night.

Opening Mass & Presentation Assembly Years 7-9
Our second Opening Mass and Presentation Assembly was a most uplifting occasion. Fathers Mike and Eugene led our celebration of the Eucharist and spoke of the promise of a new year. This was followed by the assembly at which student leaders and last year’s high academic achievers were recognized.

Thank you very much to the parents, grandparents and other family friends who attended the celebrations: your attendance was very much appreciated.

Trivia Night for Timor L’Este
On Friday evening, Jim Samon, Lyndell Petersen and a host of helpers including Patrick Arcuri, Rebecca Hernandez and many parents, led by the indefatigable Mandy and Marty Hogan, mounted an hugely successful Trivia Night and Silent Auction. Close to $5,000 was raised by this function, all of which will go as aid to the Abafala school in rural Timor L’Este (East Timor – Australia’s closest international neighbor) where our staff and students will be heading in a few short weeks. Many thanks to the strong parent, family and staff contingent present on the night.

Looking forward
We have a number of major events still to come this term: 4 x Year 9 Adventure Camps, 5 x Year 11 DECA camps, Ash Wednesday, Lenten Visitor / FIRE Carrier ceremony, Whole School Review, Interim Reports, Timor L’Este Immersion Experience, Athletics Day, Caritas Ks, Parent/Teacher Interviews. First term is certainly a busy time in our school’s year!

Go well as we enter Lent following Ash Wednesday this week.

Best wishes,  

Bernard Neal