From the Principal – Issue 5

Dear Parents and Guardians,
As we approach the term holidays, I encourage all families to reflect on the spiritual significance of the lead-up to Easter and of Easter itself. In our highly secularized world, the predominant thought of many when thinking of Easter is “holidays” but we don’t always stop to think why Easter is celebrated with two public holidays, one on Good Friday and one on Easter Monday, with Easter Sunday in between.
The obvious answer is the right one: we have holidays at Easter time because these are sacred days in the Christian calendar – indeed, they are the most sacred days in the year for Christians. The death and resurrection of Jesus is central to Catholic belief. It is through the resurrection that we become a people of hope in the new life that awaits us, the belief that we can saved from ourselves and from our human weaknesses to share in the life that God promises us all, including those who are not born or committed Catholics or Christians of other denominations.
So, this Easter weekend, take the time to stop and think why it is that you are on holidays. Reflect back on the story of Jesus and what his life, death and resurrection have meant to the world for over 2,000 years.
Full School Review
Galen has just completed the process of a Full School Review, something that all schools have to undergo by law every 5 years. In many ways, the review is an audit of processes, policies, programs and goals. I am happy to report that Galen has successfully completed this review in all its aspects.
The process consisted of a self-review that was then subject to validation. Galen hosted the Validation Panel on Thursday and Friday last week after several months of preparation.
Our final report will be delivered to us before the start of next term.
Timor L’Este trip
Our 2014 senior student immersion trip to East Timor left yesterday under the leadership of Mr Jim Samon, Ms Lyndell Petersen and Ms Beth Code. This is our second trip to Timor L’Este with the aim of helping the local community in the rural village of Abafala by providing practical help and financial donations. This year, the group of students have raised over $10,000 in aid, an outstanding effort from the students, their families and the teachers leading the group.
Busy finish to first term
In the final week of term we have the following whole school activites:
· Our annual Athletics Carnival on Wednesday;
· Caritas Ks fundraising walk and activities on Thursday;
· Parent / teacher interviews on Thursday afternoon & evening, and on Friday morning.
Have a happy and safe time with your families over the term holidays. Please note that school resumes on Tuesday, April 22nd.

Bernard Neal